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I stole this from uh...

https://inkbunny.net/LittleOrion Becauseee I cannnnnn.

1. Are you a boy or a girl
    Girl. C:

2. How old are you

3. What species are you.
   I am a Drolf. :3 (Dragon / Wolf)
4. how different are you and your fursona
    She's energetic I'm not. But that will change as soon as I finish my sit. :P

5. would you ever wear a fur-suit
    Yesh~ I'm in the process of making mine. :3

6. what is your sexuality
    Bi-curious/Asex/no fricking idea in other words. XD

7. Have you ever dated someone of the same sex
    Nope. o3o

8. Have you ever dated someone of the opposite sex
    Yes.. o.o

9. when was your first sexual adventure

10. Are you an artist?
      *points to gallery?*

10.b What kind of artist are you?
       Digital, some traditional, I love sculpting, and I'm willing to try anything artistic. :3 I also animate too. ^_^
11. What made you join the fandom
     dfgdgdf Bad memories. XD I've only been in the fandom for about 2 or so years. But I say 5 years because I started getting bullied in about year 7 (Well I've been bullied more or less all through my school life) And so I made a character to express myself, and then I found some furry friends over on DA and they said 'hey, are you a furry?' I'm like 'whats a furry?' Yeah and it went on from there. :3 And yeah I will say I've been a furry for 3 years since that was my first main sona before I changed her to how she currently ooks. ^_^

12. Do you currently have a crush on someone?

13. Are you dating someone? what species are they?
      Mew, I'm dating someone. :3 Tiger. ^_^

14. are you a Subby or a Dommy.
       I has no fricking idea. XD I havent REALLY yiff roleplayed. So.. and when I did my partners are always like 'say this, do that' So.. I guess it depends what mood I'm in. o3o

15. whats your favorite color.
       Grey, blue, and green. :P

16. How many languages do you speak? what is your mother tongue?
       English, some Welsh, bits of French. :S

17. Are you learning any new languages?
       Nope. o3o

18. what is your dream career.
       If I am honest, I'm not sure at this point.

19. what is your favorite hobby
       Fishing. 8D Drawing/Animating etc etc etc.

20. who is your favorite fictional Character
      RENJI ABARAI FROM BLEACH, OBBY YES. *drools* Um.. sorry what?

21. Who are your idols and why
      What kinda idols? Umm.. I guess Russell Kane for every day stuff etc. ^_^

22. If you are an artist, are you happy with your skill?
      I'm currently happy but I'm always looking for ways to improve. ^_^

23. What are you views on BDSM? Scat? Sports? Vore? Cub? Foot Fetishes?
      Me loves BDSM. o3o Scat, no thanks, watersports dont bother me, just dont piss on me. XD Cub is          cute, although I'm weird so.. I wouldnt draw it or anything but I just like it for the cuteness. :S If that makes sence? lolno it doesnt, paws, I just finished a paw worship roleplay. XD I dont mind, I respect other peoples fetishes and stuff, but its not mine, I just like to keep my palls happy. ^_^

24. are you currently mad at someone?
    Nope. ^_^

25. What is your views on MLP?
      I'm not a brony, but I like watching the show. :3

26. do you masturbate? and how often.

27. Right or Left?
       Right. Mew.

28. Do you want kids some day?
       Someday, if I get over the fear of losing my virginity. LOL

29. did you have fun with this Meme.
       It was interesting but I wish there where more questions. o3o
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Added: 6 years, 6 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago
You sound like an interesting person, i'd love to meet you IRL one day....wait what?
6 years, 6 months ago
XDD Oh youu! XD *hugs*
6 years, 6 months ago
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