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End, Please.

Right now I'm realizing what a failure everything I touch becomes. For the first time in years I'm lured by death's blissful embrace of oblivion. To just never have to face my failures again. To not care. To never have to worry or stress over all I'm screwing up. Tonight I can see the beauty of just never waking again.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
*Rubs your back* I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling this way hun... send me a text sometime if you want to talk... anytime, okay?

7 years ago
I hope things get worked out soon, whatever the issue may be. Try to remember that these are only temporary problems, so don't consider any permanent 'solution' for those problems. Echoing what Quiet said, you have friends willing to support you, we're just a PM/IM/Email/Whatever away. Take care.
7 years ago
Awww, now what good will that do? I'd be such a lonely little citra. Remember, you promised me you wouldn't let that happen~
I love you sweety, no matter what. Things will get better~
7 years ago
Hugs from the Tycloud makes everything better!  *Hugs*  wait and see it's true!
7 years ago
Hope you feel better. ^^
7 years ago
First of all sorry to hear that you're going through a rough bit, those always suck.

As far as the failure thing, don't really know you much, but what little I can gather seems to suggest otherwise. Your writing skills are quite impressive, so you're certainly not a failure there. You've got over 200 watchers, which is no mean feat, so there's that.

If it's personal mistakes, something to keep in mind is that everyone, literally everyone, makes those, so really, they're not something to get overly worked up about.

My suggestion is to get some feel-good food, munchies of some sort, and play some games, read a book, listen to some music while reading a book... pretty much just allow yourself to relax, and your mind to settle a bit, and hopefully that'll help.
7 years ago
This is definitely something that restores my faith in the world.

But seriously, death is just a permanent solution to a temporary problem, I am sure that things will get better.
7 years ago
Don't say that! You're too important to think that way! Just because something goes wrong doesn't mean give up! Just try again and avoid making the same mistake twice! You'll be okay!
7 years ago
Please don't do anything stupid, we all really care for you and everyone has one of those days. May parents raised me to live by a couple codes, one of which is "if today sucks, tomarrow will the best day of your life.", the world isnt all bleak and enpty, the world and vibrant and glorious.

Carpe diem my friend, carpe diem
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