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The Lawnmower

Last month, our lawnmower just up and went kaput. We thought it needed gas, and, sure enough, the tank was as dry as a bone. So we got some and refilled the tank. Still it wouldn't start up. It'd just make this whining noise. So we left it there in the back yard because we didn't have the money to have it fixed. Meanwhile, the grass grew fast because it's fucking summertime. Eventually, at the end of June we finally had the money due to the last of the month being payday. So we sent the thing to Knightdale Tractor. They didn't tell us exactly what the problem was, just that they were tuning it up and sharpening the blades.

Well, earlier today (yesterday, really), a guy brought the mower over all fixed up. They didn't repair the one broken headlight, though, to my annoyance, but I didn't say anything. The guy even gave me a new key for it. We had two, but they were on a watch chain I keep in the house and consequently the mower people didn't take it with them when they came and got it, and I guess either they thought we'd lost ours or he was just giving me a spare as a courtesy. Whatever.

He started it up and it ran fine. He left, and I mowed the front lawn all fine and dandy. It was getting hot, though, so I decided to park it after finishing and take a break before doing the back yard. As I was parking it, I noticed the blades were making a sort of "wunga wunga wunga" noise that made the entire mower wobble. I shut them (and the motor) off, but didn't think much of it. Then after I had my break and finished watching a movie, I returned to do the back yard. The mower started up fine and it wasn't making that odd wobbly sound anymore. But then I realized... it was only cutting the left half of what I drove over. It left the right side of what I ran over untouched and nothing was being spewed out the clipping vent on the side. It also sounded differently with the blades engaged. More like a fan blowing than the usual roar it makes.

Then something scary happened. The forward gas pedal got stuck and I found myself driving wildly out of control. In my panic, I forgot that if I just took my butt off of the seat, the mower would immediately quit, and kept frantically trying to press the reverse pedal. The thing drove into the really tall grass that separates our property from that of the people behind us despite my efforts to stop it. About five feet in, the tall grass finally defeated it and it stopped. I shut it off. Not wanting to leave it in there, I started it up again and managed to get the pedal unstuck, and somehow drove it out of the tall grass, but it took a lot of twisting and turning, backing up and going forward. It now sits in its usual spot at the side of the house and I'm wondering what the heck to do.

Clearly, I need to tell my mom. She was away visiting my grandmother all day and so is not yet aware of this issue. I just know it's going to upset her to realize we need to pay more money to get the lawnmower fixed. Again. After having it back a day. Life sucks sometimes. A lot.
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