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Urgently need help - Money issue

No, I'm not broke or anything. But it's been so long, by this point, I'm getting a little far too long in my life running away from this problem. Now it's time I faced it head on.

I'm sure you guys heard me complain about it in the past numerous times, but now, I need to know what to do, so I can get this fixed. I just need to know where to start. So, my situation is with Sally Mae. Apparently, when I went to college back in 09...I applied for them, but I got nothing back from them so I left it alone and just went to school. Thing was, even my financial aid for the government wasn't processed...since the school told me incorrect things and led me around in circles, ultimately nothing ever was done on their end. So because of that, I am in debt "legitimately" (I put it in quotes because ultimately it was their fault, but I went to the school, it wasn't approved, so I'm going to pay that off) $580, and I gotta find some way to get that paid off.

Thing was...after a while, Sally Mae began to call me telling me I owed them $25,000 in student loans. Loans I never even heard of, let alone got from them. Now...that was back when I was 19-21...and yeah, I was scared and constantly shrugged off the phone calls and stuff. I mean...shoulda seen my face when I heard that number. Never imagined that big of a number would even have anything to do with me. Anyways, I realize now that I'm 23...how I never had anything written from them. Only those phone calls. So at this point, I'm stuck. I don't know whether it's a scam, identity theft, or if I've been afraid of absolutely nothing all these years.

The other thing is...something's been affecting me about it. My credit score is pretty low, according to Credit Karma. But at this point I'm also feeling a tad unsure, but Mr. Money Guru on CNN Headline news, Clark Howard, did point that as a credible website. And my junk is DEEP in the reds.

I have absolutely no help from the family so this is something I'm esentially entirely on my own on, and I had no teaching or anything about how to handle a situation like this. So does anybody have any ideas on where I should start or what I should do? I'm ready to move up and move on with my life to actually get to DO something.

So, anybody have any ideas on what I should/can do?
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
i wish i could help you big brother..
*hugs tightly* i'll try my best to keep your spirits high
7 years ago
If you never got any money from Sallie Mae, it's probably just a fuck up on their part, based off your application. Give them a call and see what's what. Assuming it's impacting your credit, getting a 25,000 note taken off your report should improve your score.
7 years ago
i would type up a letter of dispute and mail it Sallie Mae.  in the letter i would specifically request for copies of the approved application and the financial institution to which said funds were sent.  If they fail to respond to your letter within 30 days you can then send in a letter to the credit reporting agencies to have them remove said negative credit removed.
7 years ago
It still sounds all shady to me. I've got this huge suspicion that some jackass who was waiting in line decided to use your name, went overboard, and currently fucked you over, and should probably be killed by Dr. Hax. Other than that, I completely agree with Zeran - ask for proof.
7 years ago
Got here from Schek----I know how you feel. My bitch-ass college ain't giving me an externship, and in the meantime I could've gotten a job. *Hugs tight*

Hope ya feel better soon, fuzzy one. *Rubs headfur* Everything will be all right in the end...just do your best. :3 ♥
7 years ago
You could consider bankrutpcy if it's too much to deal with. That's what I'm doing. If your credit score is already poor, may as well just go all the way. If you do it yourself it's about $405 to file, but you may want to hire a lawyer if you can.. though they're expensive. >_<;
7 years ago
I would find out if the loans are legitimate first.  That way you can determine if the debt is legit.

Also you've realized just how big of a scam college has become.  That is precisely why I took a trade course instead of traditional courses - and paid out of pocket.
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