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My Thinker (Closed)

So, I was trying to think of a neat background for:

But I can't really think of one,  I didn't want to go and just put a box and wall behind her, of course I can manage that but I think it'd be cooler to have something else, something neat.  I realized something, since this is a community, maybe I can see what others might have for an idea.

So, Help me out~  Looking for cool ideas to put behind the presenting Wilykit.
  * You must be one of my Watchers (as of journal date).
  * Must be some kind of scenery.
  * No more than two extra characters.
  * Only one suggestion.

The Catch:  If I like your idea, I will do a colored sketch for you.

If you need a rough perspective: Look here.

Deadline: Ended

Any questions please PM me.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
In front of the Thundertank...

tee hee, oh! Panthro I need you
7 years ago
I agree but with the view bieng between Panthro's legs.
7 years ago
Better yet on the hood.
7 years ago
Since it looks like a wild west wanted picture. maybe a backdrop of a wild west saloon like someone is walking through the Flapping door to be met with this sight.
7 years ago
The artists bedroom (Or dream bedroom.) With her being all "Well, I heard you like me~ Want some of this?" Or whatever. :D Artist/Artist character obtaining ze boner. :3 I dunno, I'm terrible at background ideas.
7 years ago
Man not many read the rules.
1 suggestion lol.

But anyway.
Hmm hmm.
I say she's being recorded so the picture will be seen through a camera lens (with the generic info and stuff and REC shown and what not.)

People of some kind of other species taking a pose with her like it's some tourist attraction lol.
A sign is behind her stating "WilyWorld's Greatest Attraction" subtitles "Cum Get Some".

I'll surely see if I can find some kinda picture that helps out in getting the image of what I mean.
7 years ago
I and Im sure others read the rules..... We just couldnt help but try to come up with more than one suggestion. Besides if someone makes a good suggestion everyone can agree with it or make up their own :P
7 years ago
Or hehe if you do not mind girl on girl on a soccer field could be about to have fun with my bunny kasa
7 years ago
I was thinking in a bazaar with everyone looking with mouths agape. Some with smiles, lol.
7 years ago
well i dont think i can come up with something better than ppl have already mention because that picture looks good for exhibitionism

7 years ago
I can easily picture her crouching on a desk of some kind, distracting some sort of official -- or, perhaps, to entice said official into giving her the proper permissions for something.  Mmm, bureaucracy. :3
7 years ago
Well, they finally found El Dora and she wants to celebrate w/ kat, duh
7 years ago
In the dog city showing off to a perspective customer or Tookit the thief :)
7 years ago
could have me in the foreground guiding my cock towards her direction, about to have some fun >;3 and the background is she's right in front of a large tree, and to her left and a bit behind her is kind of a foresty area, and to her right there is a steep cliff or hill that leads to a beach and water, like an ocean.
7 years ago
If it were me, I would but someone behind her, as if they're getting ready to do it from behind, you know, the laying on her back/standing on her head type position for anal. As far as a background, maybe something from the new series, like the jungle with those little plant people. Man I can't remember their name.
7 years ago
I lack imagination: in a forest...of some sort
7 years ago
... I totally see her on a tree, against the main part of the tree, each foot on a diferent branch... as if daring whoever's looking to find a way to use the pose, given it won't be easy, but it'll be worth the effort! XD
7 years ago
How about the fabled Temple of Phalluses? Kit could be positioned over one of its..."sacred" relics.

7 years ago
If this were the old school show,I'd have her on the control panel for Cat's Lair with the lower knee just above the "self-destruct" button and Tygra freaking out and Wilykit thinking she's really got to him with her hotness.
7 years ago
I'm thinking a forest background with a couple of trees (maybe a low bush or two in between) with Wilykat taking the picture from the front (the perspective looks good for this).  Possibly show the camera and the outline of his head as he is lining her up perfectly for his shot.
7 years ago

  *scenery  Alleyways of The streets from Episode one.
  * characters  Wily Kat and Kit
  * Revealing themselves in a seductive manner for coin.  "Flashing for money"
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