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Is it any good

My mom wants a Wii

Specifically a wii fit I figure the wii sports games might interest her to If she tries them

So  looking through some of my odd sights I may have found a Wii I can get fairly cheap.  and then all I'd have to do is but the wii fit accessories for her.   I couldn't use the balance pad myself It's not rated for my wieght (sigh I'm such a fat fuck)  but I kinda want to here you folks opinion on the Wii itself, or the Wii fit as a game/program what ever.  Any opinions?
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
Well, my opinion of the wii is that its a good family system. You aren't going to see very many competitive games on  it, but its a ton of fun if you've got multiple people to play with. The systems single player games aren't super fun (though not terrible to be sure). Its just that the systems games are a lot more family oriented (I.e. multi player games, A TON of mario games and not too many bloody gore games, though it does have dead space and resident evil).

Wii fit...well...I won't say that it isn't entertaining. If you are looking for something for the person who thinks exercising is tedious and monotonous, then this does have pretty colours and funny looking characters. But I will say that there are more efficient ways of burning calories and getting in shape. On the other hand, its very good at helping you set goals and giving you tons of information (the least of which being the weight and BMI).

All in all, I would say that they wii fit is a worthwhile tool so long as its not being used to train for the iron (insert gender here) competition. The wii is just a good system overall if you have people to play with (also, the wii is "hackable", meaning that if you get the right kind of wii, you can actually pirate games. I haven't done it, I just know that a lot of people do.)
7 years ago
i love the wii. my wii plays dvds and vidoes and music ^^ also go netflix on it too and a nice usb loader for games ^^ and the wii its self only cost me 40 euro in game shop second hand best 40 euro i ever spent
7 years ago
The WiiFit could have been good. No, it could have been GREAT. It's a way finally to make physical motion while game-playing into a fun activity that would keep you fit without even noticing, as you played fun games! Or, a way to give those of us who're housebound a chance to play the kind of fun, cool game that we'd play outside otherwise.

But no. What they give you instead is SHIT games, and fitness measurements.

Rather than hiding the whole "you're being fit!" behind a cool game, they just make you do the same kind of exercise routine you normally would, and measure it. The only different bits they add are a few crappy balance games.

Hey fucknugget game designers! I can weigh myself, and count my steps when running, perfectly well on my own thank you very much! Innovate, you ass-tards! Make games that make fitness fun!

So, instead of encouraging you to be fit through game-playing, the wii-fit just adds another level of annoying complexity to a normal daily exercise routine.

Seriously, the "running on the spot" exercise has you play a game where you are... running around a track! I shit you not! You can't explore, you aren't outrunning any kind of bad guy, there's nothing to defeat or out-do or overcome, other than your own previous time.

So the wiifit sits there gathering dust, a giant fucking disappointment.

[Edit: for a contrasting approach, see MS' Kinect, which is *all about* the game. You play games, and at the end realize you're sweating and breathing heavily, and you didn't even notice you were getting fit! See also Dance-Dance-Revolution, for a fitness game where addictive gameplay comes before fitness.]

[Edit2: basically, if you're a gamer looking to get fit, look elsewhere. If you're just looking for a way to monitor and track your normal fitness routine, it's great.]
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