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Update status:Online....Life:Groovy

Well im online now so i figure i should give a full update.
The kitty is still treating me better than i ever thought id ever be treated...made me cry happy tears alot.
He is really sweet...always asking me if im ok when i make the slightest noise in discomfort.
Currently in a lotta pain...got a quarter sized puss filled lump on my tailbone thanks to this bacterial skin infection.
seems to think the doctors here will actually rid me of it once i sign up for medicare and get my social security stuff transferred here...went and got an application for that this morning....,to be honest....i dont have any faith in doctors anymore...nothing but greedy bastards who will keep you sick as long as possible just so they can get more money
Life in Vegas has been quite an experience....kinda experiencing culture shock.
Life and people back in northern Michigan were kinda laid back,open and friendly....life and people here are the exact opposite...bout a week or 2 ago i complemented this woman on her colorful tyedye shirt and she threw me a mean look....kinda a cross between"who the fuck is this man and why is he talking to me" and "i wonder if i can get away with decking him"
other than that...i kinda like it here...getting the love i need to heal and become more sane/stable...also...i get to eat at some interesting buffet's....foods from cultures id never had a chance to try when i lived in Michigan

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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
good to know things are comin around for ya dude.  Sure hope life in the vegas world goes good.  BTW mousey would ya mind doin me a favor and send some love to my page again :)  
7 years ago
For you tiger?
Thanks....its good to be happy again....i hope he dont tire of me as everyone else has....now that he is a part of my life it would be very painfull to say goodbye to him
7 years ago
Yaegashi has an IB account? *watches*

That is one heck of an awkward place to have a pimple! If it weren't such a hazardous bacteria, I'd say drain it and be done, but you can hardly do it yourself and no sense risking your kitty's health. So you'll have to put up with it and hope it doesn't spread until you can get a professional to do it? BTW, is the desert air and sunshine helping your skin condition?

You'd probably find it similar here in Toronto; city people are generally more suspicious, especially of strangers, although they also mind their own business better. You'll find a good mood still spreads, as long as you don't push it too hard.
7 years ago
Dont know if you would call it a pimple....those things are small....this is BIG... more like a cyst or boil.
The desert sun and dry air is greatly reducing the infection...the infection has retreated from my libms and torso to the areas that remains the most moist....my buttcrack and the area between my ballsack and legs

7 years ago
Abscess, possibly? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abscess

Those are some... inconvenient places to have a skin infection. I guess you'll have to start sun bathing nude.
7 years ago
Glad to hear your life is going good my friend ;3 I hate Vegas, its way too hot for this kitty, I'm thinking about moving some place more cold. People in Cali can be real jerks, it really is hard to talk to random people, I once said hi to random people just to see what reaction I would get,  most of em raise an eyebrow or ignore me.
7 years ago
Thanks....id love to live in a place more cold...unfortunately i suffer from severe arthritis.
XD i know a foxgirl in cali who is moving to vegas...https://www.furaffinity.net/user/tailsxfoxxninja/

6 years, 12 months ago
oh hippie mouse u still funny*wags tail and pounces up an down like a widle wolf cub*
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