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So season 2 of Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated is airing.

Ive seen episodes 1 through 5 already. Its nice that the gang got back together and stuff. Where it is at the moment is that the gang has 4 pieces of the planespheric disc, the last 2 possessed by Prof. Pereclies.
For those of you not in the know about this series, it basically follows Scooby and the gang as they solve mysteries in the town of Crystal Cove where apparently Fred's dad is the Mayor. However this series is unlike the rest of them thus far. So far each mystery is solved and the next episode entails another different mystery. In this series its different, in that while they solve the apparent mysteries, throughout the series they are given clues by an anonymous person to an even bigger mystery entangled in the history ofthe town and thus leads to the discovery of a past Mystery Inc whos mascot was a German talking parrot named Professor Pereclies. Fans of CSI will recognise this process of surface events with a deeper ongoing case in the background like the Paul Milander case in the Vegas CSI.
Its also in this series that we get to see the gangs parents. Fred's single dad is the Mayor of the town (its revealed that he isnt Freds real father), Daphes parents are millionares (its also shown that she has sisters), Velma's parents are hippies who run a haunted museum showcasing wax figures of the past supernatural beings who haunted the town in the past (specifically the monsters the gang encountered in the past series's, even a statue of Flim Flam from 13 Ghosts, and one of Scrappy Doo which gets a not so favorable reaction from Fred and Daphne in one scene.), and finally Shaggys parents are....well....not like him. His mother is an over controlling plastic surgery loving wife to his chubby submissive father, both of which are embarassed by their son's eating habits among other things. The gang also has to deal with the Sherriff of the town, who unlike the past policemen the gangs delt with, shows no gratitude and is basically jealous of them.
The parents, especially the Mayor make things difficult for the Gang as they along with the sheriff see the monsters and ghosts they encounter as a means to attract tourist money and thus show disdain whener the kids solve a mystery
The show really is Scooby Doo meets CSI (just no murders). The focus isnt just on the mystery but on the gang as well as we see the true effects each mystery has. Daphne tries to get Fred to recognise her feelings for him despite him being engrossed in making traps while Velma tries to hook up with Shaggy but finds herself at wits with his relationship with Scooby Doo (at one point Scooby accuses Shaggy of cheating on him with Velma). At one point the gang splits up temporarily but are reunited as a result of the ongoing mystery. It happens again in the season one finale when Fred discoveres the truth about his real parents and goes to find them, and Shaggy is sent to military school by his bitch of a mother.
Theres also a cameo apperance by Mr Vincent Van Ghoul, who you may remember from the 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo series as well as the Hex Girls who debuted in the Witches Ghost Animated movie. Finally in one episode we get a welcome apperance by the other mystery/crime solving troops that Hanna Barbara pt out alongside Scooby Doo including, Jabberjaw, The Funky Phantom, Speed Buddy, and Captain Caveman. To boot the spisode is primarily animated and drawn in the old 1970s HB art style. TOTAL nostalgia!
So anyway now that thats out of the way, who else has been checking out this series and what do you guys think of it so far? I personally like it alot. Its a fresh look at our favorite mystery solving group. Cant wait to see the next episodes as they air.
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