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Um.... survey thingy I took from Ketzikitty

Ketzi took this from Hinata who took this from DA so now I'm taking it to kinda see how many lovely fans I have and to have some fun :3

1. Are you a boy or a girl
    Yes...no...both!? O.o

2. How old are you
    20, 21 in January >~< I feel so weird about it.

3. What species are you.
  I R a cutie Bun-Bun :3 Though sometimes a lion :o and some other times a wolfeh :3
4. how different are you and your fursona
    Um....I'm not cuddly, cute, awesome, soft and fluffy D: But I do love reading, magic, swimming, glasses, contacts, and plushies!

5. would you ever wear a fur-suit
    Maybe, though I heard lots of people rub up on you in those and I have ALOT of touch issues >~>

6. what is your sexuality
    I like girly girly girls :3 though sometimes I like to play with boys if they are cute and not too boyish.

7. Have you ever dated someone of the same sex

8. Have you ever dated someone of the opposite sex
    Kinda sorta not really

9. when was your first sexual adventure
     Um...let me see....so hard to remember that one time when I....Never :P yep never kissed, touched, rubbed, whatever :P So.....unless self counts nothing at all. And even the self is very very unadventurous x3 Haven't changed the technique since I was 15 when I started.

10. Are you an artist?
       I wanna be but >~< I kinda suck a bit at stuff and Im gonna go to college to practice!

10.b What kind of artist are you?
       Right now I'm a pretty sucky drawer :P. I wanna be a game artist, possibly for ATLUS *crosses fingers*
11. What made you join the fandom
      Um......well Fanfics about Gatomon *blushes darkly* Which lead to google stuff, which lead to the DHZ!!! thedigimonhentaizone.com to those of you who don't know :3 Sadly it's dead now Dx Digiartistdomain helps though!

12. Do you currently have a crush on someone
Yush I doo~~ I loves them alot <3<3<3<3

13. Are you dating someone? what species are they?
      I wish, the one I like is  neko though, and I don't really count them as Furry :P

14. are you a Subby or a Dommy.
       Switch :p Sometimes I get in the mood to be dommed, though I do like to dom alot >:3 Collars and stuff, more cute caring dom then hard dom.

15. whats your favorite color.
       Blue blue blue blue blue!!~~~ Though black and white are also coolies!

16. How many languages do you speak? what is your mother tongue?
       Umm I speak english as my mother tongue, I speak enough italian, japanese, german, french, norse, w/e to barely barely get by, some of them I can get the jist of whats being said though :3

17. Are you learning any new languages?
     I really really reallly reaaallly Wanna learn Japanese if anyones willing to teach me over IM or skype or w/e ^///^

18. what is your dream career.
       Game Designer! Focusing on the art side :3

19. what is your favorite hobby
       Videogames, reading, drawing sometimes, MU*ing, IRC, Werewolf the apocalypse(PM me if you wanna join a game over the net or can invite me to join. I'm usually a Bastet ceilican ^///^) And always love learning, especially kung fu

20. who is your favorite fictional Character
      Ummmmm >~< Lemme think...... Madoka from Puella magi Madoka Magica? Gatomon? The guy from Darker than black? Ai-Chan or Onpu from Ojamajo DoReMi? Lots of cute characters to choose from D:

21. Who are your idols and why
       Um.....Idk x_x I don't have idols per se....unless you mean like little statues to worship, then I have a statue of bast in her cat form and may get another one and maybe one of Anubis :3

22. If you are an artist, are you happy with your skill?
      Nuuu Dx I need to get ALOT better :c Any people willing to help would be wonderful ^-^ Especially with game art.

23. What are you views on BDSM? Scat? Sports? Vore? Cub? Foot Fetishes?
BDSM-Light is more fun then the hard stuff
Scat-Not unless you mean the music technique :P
Sports-Um....no -.-
cub-YES :D!!! I love cubby arts :3
Foot Fetishes- Um...I guess sometimes its fun

24. are you currently mad at someone?
   Uh........nope not really, kinda myself :/

25. What is your views on MLP?
      Pretty much hate it, wont even look at the art :P but never actually seen it so my opinion doesn't count

26. do you masturbate? and how often.
       Yeeeeeep!, A lot lot lot :3 hehe

27. do you find me attractive? if so; would you date me? (leave this blank, your readers must answer this)

28. Right or Left?
      Handed? Shot? Eyed? O_o Right whatever you're talking about.

29. Do you want kids some day?
      Twin girls :3 a kinda dream of mine for a while now hehehe

30. did you have fun with this Meme.
       Pretty fun, something to do ^_^
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