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The fox got robbed

So, I was walking back home from Glowfox's house and I was listening to music happily...until a guy randomly came from behind and slide his hand into my pocket and took...~

1.- iPhone 3G

Now, how did I got that? I traded my iPod Classic for an iPhone3G two days ago. Yesterday, I had a hell of a time trying to revive this thing (it updated itself so it got locked) , and today I was able to revive it but the enjoyment only lasted for a few hours.

A few minutes ago (20minutes or so) , I got robbed and well... my first iTouch (iPhone but didn't had a SIM card) got taken away from me.

None at all, because I wasn't really doing anything , I guess he was following and wanted to take something but yanow what? I'm happy it was that instead of my wallet (which I have personal info and money), my actual phone (a cheap Nextel phone) or even my life.
So I got to keep the most important thing, which is my life~

Ah well.... I was actually starting to enjoy it, but the enjoyment only lasted for a few hours.

Ah well.... so don't come to peru guys~ Just an FYI

Me? I'm doing perfectly fine~ I'll be on MSN and Skype~ =3
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
to bad i couldnt b there sweetie, hed think twice b4 robing someone with a body guard *hugs u tightly*
7 years ago
That sucks! >_< I'm sorry to hear you were robbed, but I'm glad you're not harmed. [hugs] Take care of yourself, hun. =x
7 years ago
Glad you're okay.
Kinda why I don't carry things around much, though I don't have anything valuable lately anyway.
Other reason is I probably would've knifed the robber in the eye. (get attacked enough growing up= lost patience with people.)
I'm more concerned with revenge than my life, so I'd not recommend that to people.
So I guess we're different there.
7 years ago
Actually, I gave him a couple punched and the guy got a broken nose (he was bleeding like hell) but he managed to run away because he was stronger than me.
I chased after him, and threw a rock into his head and started to bleed as well (some of it , fell on the floor) lucky for him, he got into a motorbike and ran away.
7 years ago
If i reached into your pocket, i think i'd want to grab something else |3
7 years ago
I wouldn't mind that type of pickpocket~ whatever is called lol~ |3
7 years ago
Awwrr.. Oh well, Life is more expensive.

Also, u said 23hrs ago in this topic that ur online at skype? Didnt see you..
7 years ago
I don't see you online >:
7 years ago
I went offline cus there was none online -n-
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