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Almost there!!

Well guys the sequel to my story was finished last night and i could not be more excited!!!  I have learned a great deal from what took place last time, being too eager to post; not editing, not checking for problems with structure, or grammar.  I was just so eager to post the first story that i didn't even read through it once i was done, pretty ballsy now that i look back on it.  

The first one was completely driven w/ lust and I have taken some liberties to explore some sexual fantasies of my own in this second installment.  So i would say this much awaited sequel will be up at some point during the week.  I'm very excited and hope that this fuels my desire to carry on and keep the story going.  I have also been considering a return to drawing as well.  I have some skill, though i always compared myself with some of the greats and felt like my art wasn't good enough to post until i would get better at it.

I'm not going to do that to myself any longer though.  I feel a need to explore these facets of myself and through writing and art i will do just that.  When it comes to art i must admit to using many references and i kind of feel that to be a form of plagiarism though i always found a way to justify it due to the fact i wasn't tracing anything.  Anyhow back to the issue, for all those who loved the first story and feel there is a general lack of good "incest" stories out there help is on the way!  

I'll be sure to p.m all those who fav'd the first one and do my best circulate the story to new readers.
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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
6 years, 4 months ago
Woot. :D
Looks like I latched on to you at a good time.  Does the 2nd one have musk and/or rimming like the last?   I LURVES me some musk and rimming! :3
And yes, the lack of (good) incest is deeply depressing, what with all the other fetishes that seem to get more attention (which I type while my eyes glare at the cub tag number in a jealous way).
6 years, 4 months ago
There is musk!!!  Rimming comes in at some point though not as much as before u__u   I will say this and i have yet to see it pulled off well in any other story w/ cubs.  In this next part i explore some serious master / slave things on some pretty heavy levels.  I tell you this it gave me pleasure chills just to write it and i loved thinking about it all day.  I took some liberties in the writing style and while it does take some time to build it up i assure you it is well worth it!!!  

I have a thing for musk as well and so i put it in where it counts, though my cum fetish is higher on the list.  I can promise you this if you liked the first one consider this the Terminator 2 of all incest stories, better than the 1st in every way!!!!
6 years, 4 months ago
That's very good to hear. :)
By the way, if you ever feel the want or need for a proof-reader (heck, maybe just a second opinion before a finalized submission), please consider giving me a holler!.  I'd love to help out in some way, and seeing as I have plenty of free time, why not offer a friendly hand to a fun cause? :P
If there's anything I can pride myself in, it would be my skill in using correct grammar.
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