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My thought on tonight ><

My brother ingesting alcohol lead to violence? Who could have guessed? *Raises hand and fake gasps* Me? Why I did?

See, this is what I hate, when you know someone, tell someone what shouldn't be done, and everyone treats you like you don't know shit. I know my brother gets angry when he drinks, I tried to tell everyone that, and they didn't listen. I've known the boy since I was a day old, I think I know more then you just because you're "super best friends." Bitch, he has 50 super best friends, but he only has one brother. I think I know him better then you do, on any day, including how he acts when he's drunk, surrounded by people, or both.

Besides that it was a very nice party. I'll admit I had some drinks, but never more then a little at a time and over the span of the night, I'm sober.

I got to see a few old friends, so it was a good night besides. I managed to calm my brother down before he got a gun (Yes, see, I told my cousin that he would go for a gun before the night was through, and, oh my gosh, I was right!)

When I left the party, the song playing was "I'm glad you came" and even though I was alittle angry, it was a nice song to walk away to.

The thing is, you guys are pretty much the worst friends ever. What he NEEDED was to take a shower, get in bed, and deal with things in the morning. What HAPPENED is you offered him a blunt, some jello shots and everything else you had that had Vodka in it (Yes, let's offer a man threatening to kill another man an alcohol that makes you angry or angrier, that's real smart.)

You know, this is one of the reasons I don't want to drink, and probably never will get drunk. You think your friends will have you back but they won't, because they may turn out to be the worst friends in the world who have no concern for your best interest, OR I may turn out to be an angry person when I drink, and I don't want to say anything I don't mean to.

The people who say alcohol is for having fun is bullshit, it's like a gun. If you're going to threaten someone with it or wave it around, or show it off to everyone as soon as they step into your room, you aren't mature enough to have one. I think the same applies with alcohol, if you think you need it to have a fun time, you must be a boring person, or immature. It makes me think of fourteen year-olds smoking cigarettes. They think it makes them all grown up, but because of how they treat the act you can tell they are just a bunch of brats. And that's how most people are with alcohol. They have to flaunt they are drinking, and it just shows they shouldn't be drinking in the first place.

Before today, I have always said they should either bump the age of drinking down, or enrollment in the military up, it's not fair to tell a man he can die for his county, but he can't have a sip of Brandy. Now? In all honesty, seeing how people treat alcohol, thank you USA for not giving it to 18 year olds. If a group of legal aged drinkers can't handle it, I don't think we should bump the age limit down.

Oh, and another thing that royally pissed me off. This was a party, with adults, who were drinking. There were no activities for children. None. Why the FUCK did, like, three people bring their kids? Honestly, are you retarded? You are an adult, people were drinking and smoking weed, and you are going to bring your children. That's it, go home, you're done, no kids for you. You're totally okay bringing your kids in a place where there is smoking and drinking, someone is tripping on acid, foul language, and music way to loud that can damage their still developing ears, and you're worried because I'm trying to get them inside and playing a videogame on cartoonnetwork.com. YOU are a parent, you DON'T get to go to random parties to get drunk off your ass anymore, and if you do, get a sitter. Seriously, you're acting like one of the worst parents I've ever seen, and you're worried because someone is actually doing a better job taking care of your kids then you do. HIRE A BABYSITTER, don't try and act like you're still hip, and cool. You are an adult, be an example for your kids, and when you want to do something reckless, hire someone to watch over them. My grandmother shouldn't keep your kids entertained and neither should I.

Now with all I just said, all I had was alcohol, I did not partake in any illegal substances. I know I sound angry, but I really did have fun. Sure they played the same songs fifty times, but it was still nice. I'm just done. Arguing with my cousin who is trying to tell me he just needs "help" and someone to listen to him... Yeah, like we haven't tried? He doesn't WANT help, why should he stop acting like he does, when it gets him the attention he so desperately craves. And it goes back to what I said. I know him better then you.

It was a good night, I'm just tired, and I'll admit I'm a wee bit angry. You know what's best for someone, and he has fifty little devils on his shoulder telling him the exact opposite. "Okay, Chris, go inside, take a nice, relaxing shower, go to bed, and tomorrow when you're sober, deal with it then, when you can think rationally." "No, no, stay up and drink! Here, hit this blunt, take some more Jello shots. Just stay with us."

Really, I'm more pissed off at his friends then I am with him. You want what's best for my brother? Awesome, then leave him the hell alone. If he needs to get better, he can't do it with trash of friends like you.

Stay Classy everybody.
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Added: 6 years, 10 months ago
6 years, 10 months ago
Damn hon sorry
6 years, 10 months ago
Oh no, it was a great night beside the incident. I got to see friends from Highschool, it was great.

I had a really, really good night. I know I make it out like it was the worst thing ever, but no, it was good ^_^

Sorry I haven't been replying to your messages, I've been busy irl.
6 years, 10 months ago
LOL no worries hon I understand completely
6 years, 10 months ago
I don't drink because I don't think I'd have the will power to stop if I found out I liked it.
6 years, 10 months ago
Alcohol can be fun if used in the right setting and in the right volumes. Same with pot. [shrugs] Too bad to hear you had some issues, but a least you had a good time overall. =)
6 years, 10 months ago
I got drunk twice, after the second time my body began to reject alcohol more aggressively. So no more drinking for me.

Anyway, I'm sorry that an otherwise good night was tainted by people who were simply irresponsible. Family can be.....exhausting.
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