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Unlock Old Art?

        So, a couple character revisions back, I noticed that many of my commissions needed the same edits. Despite giving the artists my latest references and instructions, some of them just went with old versions that were present in my gallery. More edits to fix the basics means I don't have the flexibility to have the fine details worked on. So back in the day, my solution was to hide all of the art of "older versions" behind the "friends only" feature of Inkbunny. And, while it was not a popular decision among friends I have gotten art with in the past, it has been successful for a long time for ensuring new commissions turn out as expected.

        It just makes me wonder... I've had the white fur (no spots), large round glasses, and long hair since at least 2018. It's 2022 now. Is it still necessary to hide a fairly large chunk of my gallery in order to get commissions done right? Also, do you think I'm easily confused for other bunny characters, or do you think I'm fairly easy to identify?
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Added: 1 month ago
1 month ago
You're far more adorable than other bunnies!  I know I've never misidentified art of you as someone else (although it's possible I've failed to identify some as you, I suppose), and I'm reasonably sure I've never misidentified anyone else as you, so I'm pretty sure you're distinctive.  -snugs-
1 month ago
I think that leaving your old designs in your IB gallery is just fine.  The approach I'm using, and will be using going forward, is to give artists a reference package, whether it's via a zip file, or what I'm planning on doing in the near future, will be a private self-hosted gallery, whether that ends up being a wiki or a blog or I'm not quite sure what.

Don't mind me, I'm generating numerous grey hairs trying to start my own self hosted journey.
1 month ago
Why not make a Pool with the art you want used as references? That way you can point artists at that Pool.
1 month ago
I know your pain in regards to people using older versions. I revised Megan's look two years ago, and have had two complete references done since then, and people still go and use her oldest version despite the absolute flood of art of her I've had done since. And having my current reference set as my featured submission. I don't know why it's so hard for people to use the refs you give them sometimes.

As for your question, though, I think your character is pretty distinctive, yeah. I've seen plenty of white bunnies, and plenty with long hair and glasses, but there's something about those big, round glasses, elegantly draped ears and general adorableness that really stands out. I can generally spot your posts/commissions just from the thumbnail.
1 month ago
I'd clean forgotten you used to have spots! Silly me! But I do think you're pretty easy to identify even without 'em. While none of your character's features are that unique by themselves, there's something about the way they all come together - hair, glasses, ears and especially how adorable she always looks - that makes her really stand out. I admit I could be a bit biased since she's one of my favorites, too, but I think you've really hit on something with her.

It's a shame that some artists still insist on using your old refs despite clear instructions to the contrary. I don't know what's so hard about using the references you give someone! I still sometimes get gift art of Grace with her old look, despite making my new ref easily available, but I suppose I've been fortunate in that most artists give her the new look. Whether you unlock your old art or not - and it would be lovely to see it again if you do - I hope you can get that issue sorted out!
1 month ago
Ima be honest and I apologise in advance, you hiding all the art Ive bought you over the years is why I stopped buying you art. It would be nice to see it again. Those were gifts and you just tossed them into the abyss because you wanted redisigned features. Again Sorry for the fuss/rant.
1 month ago
Wait so you'd link or send them the new ref and they'd still go out of their way to look for a different one? That's pretty silly.
1 month ago
1. A bunny is a bunny...and a target of Love! No further details needed... ~♥
2. Just to boost your ego: Your bunny is easily recognizable, yup. ☺

I also go back in the past art and journals even and fix broken links and references. It's a level of care I give toward my shared stuff as well as toward anyone who whenever decides to watch my shared shizz...You keep a tidy content as well, BunnSis! =:3 =^_^=
1 month ago
If experience with commissioning has taught me anything. It's that you rarely get what you pay for. Even when you're very specific. So if you've found something that works for you. Keep doing it.
I wouldn't mind seeing more rabbits, but if it's been a problem. I'd keep it hidden. It's the primary reason why I only have 2 pieces myself. I've paid for others, and the artist just doesn't listen, and doesn't follow my references. So I don't show them. I just toss them into a folder and never look at them again.
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