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Working with 3D

I've been planning to learn how to model 3D images for ages now, and have throughout the years made a few half hearted attempts at it but never really made it very far. However, these last several weeks have been especially frustrating for me in terms of art, I can't draw what is in my head, I can't shade on the computer worth anything so all of my pictures look really flat, it's either that or I shade everything on paper and you don't get color due to me having difficulty coloring anywhere not on the computer (markers are costly and I am somehwat colorblind so the lack of a color picker is sometimes detrimental to my pictures). Unfortunately the coloring process I use on the computer kind of makes my line art look worse.

So finally yesterday I sat down, opened up Blender, opened up a decent tutorial video, and started working. So far all I have is a torso, legs, arms, and a neck (all of which still need some tweaking) however, I have made a lot of progress in just 2 days and am quite pleased with how it is turning out. Hopefully over the next couple months I will have built enough models to actually try and release something with them. I'm very excited to step into the world of animation...

That being said, I have seen a lot of poorly done "first" attempts at 3D animation, so I will be taking extra care to do as good a job as I can before releasing my first video. I'll upload screenshots of the character I am working on once the project gets a little further along.

Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated, oh and links to good photo references of humans and animals from different angles in the same pose would be REALLY appreciated.
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Added: 6 years, 8 months ago
6 years, 8 months ago
Maybe things are actually more difficult these days due to the immense range of choices available. In the early days, things were somewhat easier, because your pallette consisted of a small range of highly saturated colours, with a duplicate, half brightness range, which you then used as basic shading. If you look up optical illusions though, theres some really impressive ones using black, white and grey squares, where the white squares in the shade are the same shade as the dark squares in the light.

A trick I tried, rather successfully, some months back, as a test, was to put a small 3D plastic figure in front of a matt black surface, then take a photo of it. Managed to get the setup just right that it came out flat, 2D, cartoon style when zoomed into, cel shading? given how good 3D programs are at making plastic figures, thought it might be worth a try. 8)

Trouble is, how to duplicate that camera setup in virtual world. Make a 3D figure, skeletal animation etc, then get a cartoon through optical flatening?

Good luck on your journey. Inkbunny has a lot of good images to inspire you, as well as other sites. 8)
6 years, 8 months ago
Certainly there truly is a lot more at our disposal nowadays. But Being as I am partially colorblind I often find that I paint people's skin green instead of skin tone, or something I think is blue comes out purple to others. But with computers I do not have this problem because I can use color picker tools to steal colors right off of actual photographs. Unfortunately I suck with the two graphics tablets I have access to so I can't draw on the computer, which means I draw everything on paper, scan it in, use a threshold on it, color it, and then shrink it. This process works but isn't perfect as it leaves lines looking a little fuzzy or pixelated at times. Plus a threshold isn't perfectly accurate to the original drawing anyway. not to mention the murder my scanner commits every time I feed it one of my drawings. This is all why i have turned to 3D for now, if I can make images that fit what I see in my head I won't care if they look like a drawing or not, although it would be great if there was a way to make them look "anime" style.
6 years, 8 months ago
Could you share the Tut you were using?
I also started 3D modelling some time ago and am interested in improving myself.
6 years, 8 months ago
They are paid tutorials from this website: http://www.blendercookie.com/ by a guy named Johnathan Williamson. I have access due to a friend. It may be a paid resource but is worth it, the guy is good. I think he has some free tutorials on like YouTube or something too...
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