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Farewell LBTFAN90!

LBTFAN90 wasn’t a professional artist, but I liked his gallery the most on the site.

I really like Land Before Time themed pictures, and LBTFAN90 only collected such images. I especially liked that he tried to color the line drawings with his own hands. After the first colorings, I also noticed an improvement at LBTFAN90. The colorings got better over time. I was seriously looking forward to the time for LBTFAN90 to get to light and shading effects over time.

It was a particularly great experience that over time LBTFAN90 began to ask for individual commissions from my other favorite artist, TOPAZEICE.

Topazeice was originally found on Deviantart and did not draw erotic LBT pictures. However, I saw the talent in her from the very beginning, so I decided to be her patron. Thanks to my encouragement, my guidance (and of course my financial support), Topazice has become one of the best LBT artists over time. The most touching thing for me was when LBTFAN90 also turned to Topazice for erotic LBT images and as a result, better and better images were taken.

I was also very happy about this because I am currently living in difficult financial circumstances (I have been diagnosed with cancer and treatments and medications are consuming all my money) and I can not ask new commissions anymore. Thanks to LBTFAN90, however, Topazeice consistently produced better-than-better LBT images, which LBTFAN90 himself colored.

I was shocked to find that LBTFAN90’s gallery was gone and when I asked why, he wrote an one-line response referring to “personal reasons” after which he deleted his page.

He may have much bigger problems compared to which my illness is nothing.

However, whatever happened, I wish you could solve it. Never give up hope, you have to fight until the last moment. You have to be able to stand up even when life is the most adversity.

I wish you all the best and hope to see you again one day, buddy!
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Added: 10 months ago
10 months ago
Well, everyone has their dark night of the soul. The world has become very very bad for everyone. The Will Smith thing is a huge example of all of that.
10 months ago
Awww that's a shame I'm gonna miss him
10 months ago
Oh shoot! I have heard of this user and seen him around before, but I've never talked to him at all.

I have totally felt some times in my life where I've wanted to remove my whole gallery in the past. I think those days are over now... Maybe he felt like it was a waste of time for him, and I understand that part completely, especially if the art that artists keep uploading just gets no comments, or it feels like you just get very little satisfaction or attention.

I have drawn at least one piece of LBT art before, namely Chomper. he's my favorite, but I guess I could try to draw more. It is on my bucket list to draw Littlefoot, Cera and Ducky all together, but I usually prefer semi-anthro. Maybe I can try feral/quadrupedal.

The chomper pic I did is here: https://inkbunny.net/s/2326980

And now I realize that I drew this more than a year ago. Hahaha.

I am so sorry for hearing that you are getting treatments for a life-threatening disease, but I really hope I am able to draw a LBT piece for you that you really like while you and I are still on this Earth. <3

I love the movie series. It is one of my favorite series of all time, and I have a lot of nostalgia for them as a kid since they aired the movies on Cartoon Network back in the day, too. I really hope that more children would be able to see these movies, because they are just so much fun. even some of the songs and stories are pretty great, including all the main and side characters, and all of their different personalities!
10 months ago
Thank you for the comment. I really like your words. However, as far as my illness is concerned, I did not write it because I want to feel sorry for myself. On the contrary, I hate it when others look at me with pity.
(LBTFAN90, for example, was very kind and offered me financial support, but I refused it. I hate begging from other people. For me, a few words of kindness mean more than any treasure in the world.)

The only thing I don't understand is, what's the point of deleting the entire gallery? Is it because the pictures didn't get enough likes? Compared to what? I don't understand that way of thinking. For example, I am very proud of my own gallery , even though the pictures were taken by other artists.

At the same time, I would like to ask all artists and art collectors, once they decide to leave, not to deprive people of works of art - that is, not to delete everything.

I hope, dear RubisDrake, but you're not going to make this mistake. The works of art created by real artists are primarily intended for other people to enjoy them. I consider it the greatest selfishness that exists when artists decide to deprive other people of this pleasure by removing everything.
10 months ago
Is this the same person? - https://www.deviantart.com/littlefoot90

Maybe you can still ask them.
10 months ago
Maybe it's him. However, I have already met artists who have had serious personal problems or other problems, and in this case the "interest" is not very lucky, especially if he himself does not want to talk about it. Sometimes one or two artists settled the problems that arose within themselves over time and returned. However, even if this person were really LBTFAN90, I wouldn't want to bother him with any questions about privacy issues.

If he ever decides to come back, I'll be very happy about that. But until he decides to talk about his problems, I have no right to question him.
4 months, 1 week ago
I read your mean comment to tchaikovsky2. But I understood your thoughts, and frustrations, as I have too.  
I am sorry you have to face the demons of cancer too.  Be strong. Fight and keep fighting.  Don't give up, cause it's gonna be hard.  If you have to do chemotherapy, remember there are people out there who love you and wish for your presence to be there with them when times get tough.  I'm but a stranger, and I am sad that you're having to deal with this problem too.
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