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I concede defeat to Canastus!

I concede defeat on the nude in public Tikal art challenge between Canastus and myself. The week will have passed at 4:00pm today, however, I will not be around at that time today as I will be celebrating American Independence Day.

The final favorite count at the time I am conceding is my 68 to his 86, a difference of only 18 votes. I believe the challenge overall was pretty fair, as I advertised the pic on Inkbunny and he advertised on Deviant art. Canastus drew a really good Tikal piece; I could easilly argue that both pics were better than the other for very different reasons. For example, he brought out pornography while I stuck to simple nudity. His is drawn more sensually, and is certainly shaded better. However, I feel mine was more on model with the characters, better exemplified the theme of nude in a public setting, and also my background was better. His perspective was a little off on his second frame, and also the swiming pool mysteriously changed from elevated to ground level. However, the human characters were not perfectly detailed on mine, and I changed the setting between the two frames to illustrate that she was walking around, but the references I used for public settings varyed by architecture, etc, and so this was a little strange. All in all, I felt even matched, despite very different styles.

Congradulations to Canastus, we can now say without any hesitation that he can draw Tikal better than I can, as this was the result of him winning. But I had a lot of fun making the picture, and feel I put all my somewhat limited artistic abilities into it. Thanks again to the 68 who enjoyed my picture! It is my 3rd most favorited FA pic, right behind my colorizations of MaxBlackrabbit's sonic pictures.

Now of course, a friend of Canastus Roy_McCloud (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/roymccloud) promised that he would make an image his viewers all requested if Canastus were to win. So I will be the first to request him to draw a picture of him fucking himself in the ass.
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago
If we assume that the unique elements of the two pictures were executed with similar skill,
then the difference might simply boil down to which elements are the most effective with audiences.
This might explain why I prefer Canastus's version.

As for why it appeals more, I have some thoughts:
First of all, never underestimate how impressive shading looks. It tends to have a disproportionately huge impact on people, even if other elements of a picture require greater artistic skill and effort.
Secondly, most of the quality in his picture was focused on the main subject of his image: the character. Whereas the quality in your picture was dispersed more evenly, and perhaps somewhat more focused on the background, which was not the main subject of interest.
Your background communicated the situation better, but the situation was not as effective as the sexy portrayal of a character.

I'm not certain whether or not a situation can be more effective than the sight of a sexy character, but I do have some ideas about how to increase the effectiveness of a situation.
The key is to create suspenseful anticipation in the audience. In traditional storytelling drama, suspense refers to danger. In sexual scenarios, suspense refers to the anticipation that something sexual seems likely to happen soon.
Recently, I've been experimenting with pacing, and it seems to be more effective to start with a somewhat intense event, then follow it up with less intense events that are still enticing, then follow them up with an even more intense event that you started with, and ramp down again, then follow it up with an even more intense event, and ramp down.
This is sort of a graph of the intensity of events, going from top to bottom:
Basically, the sexiest events come in bursts and then wind down, followed by a larger burst and wind-down. The overall situation gets more intense over the course of the story, but the individual scenes wind down after each burst. Interestingly, I notice that horror stories follow a similar pattern: scare, wind down, bigger scare, wind down, even bigger scare, wind down.
The contrast exaggerates the exciting bursts. And the wind down also lends itself to creating closure at the end of the story.
Considering that situations are most effective when portrayed as a sequence of events, it takes a lot more work to make situations effective than it does to make a pin-up picture effective.
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