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Personalized Dreamcatchers!!

Email: DreamWolfCrafts[at]hotmail.com

No glue, no hidden materials!

Customized dreamcatchers made from all natural, authentic materials!
Price of dreamcatchers varies in size:

Small (approx. 4"): $8

Medium (approx. 5-7"): $10

Large (approx. 8-10"): $20
Total price will be the price of the dreamctacher plus shipping to your location

Each dreamcatcher automatically features female 2 Silver Pheasant feathers (or your choice of "hanging" item or other feather specification... see below) and 2 beads (bead/Gem information below). The feathers will be hung from 2 sinew lines below the dreamcatcher. Beads will be woven into the center section of the hoop of your dreamcatcher and on the hanging sinew lines. You may, of course, request an alternate design for your dreamcatcher or ask for a "surprise," layout :) So please don't hesitate to note or email me with and questions you have!

The hoops of the dreamcatchers are woven from naturally growing, dried vines. If desired, I do also have metal hoops ready for use, if you prefer the more perfectly round hoop.

Wrapping for either hoop type is available in dark brown cowhide leather or violet-dyed cowhide leather! Wrapping for either hoops type is $1.

Any item listed as "hanging," can be used on one or more of the sinew strands that will hang from the bottom. You may also have sinew lines hanging from the 2 sides of the dreamcatcher, along with, or instead of, the original 2. For any questions about your dreamcatcher, please feel free to note or email me!

The items listed below (listed as "hanging) may be used in place of the beads. They may also be woven into the center portion. Items not listed as "hanging," may be added to the side(s) of the dreamcatcher or otherwise determined by the commissioner.

Gems/beads (available options below) are included in fixed price (up to 2 beads. For added beads, such as in the center weave of the dreamcatcher, additional beads will be $0.50 more, each).

Having any of the following items will raise the price of the dreamcatcher in order to supply shipping costs. The exact additional cost per item is listed beside it.

Addition of any of the below items will require payment up front in order for me to be able to collect the required materials.

Animal parts (Price includes shipping):
Deer tails ($8)
Horse Hair: black, white (no extra!)
African Porcupine Quills ($7 on first quill, $5 on each after)
Deer toe/hoof ($5)
Lynx claw ($7) - "hanging"
Porcupine claw ($5) - "hanging"
Coyote claw ($6) - "hanging"
Badger claw ($8) - "hanging"
Beaver tooth ($7) - "hanging"
Coyote tooth ($6) - "hanging"
Water Buffalo tooth ($5) - "hanging"
Other animal teeth of claws possible. Please note or email me if you have any questions!! :)

Animal Tails (Price includes shipping):
Ermine - medium ($11)
Raccoon ($7)
Coyote ($11)
Red Fox ($13)
Silver Phase Fox ($13)
Arctic Fox ($21)
Other animals possible (cross fox, etc.), depending on availability
*If you have a specific animal part in mind that you would like used on your dreamcatcher, just note or email me and we'll discuss!! :)

Feathers (Price includes shipping):
Turkey feather - banded pointer feather ($4)
Rooster Hackle feathers (no extra!)
Ringneck pheasant body plumage ($4) - "hanging"
Almond pheasant body plumage ($3.50) - "hanging"
Silver pheasant - female (no extra!)
Silver pheasant - male ($1) - Wait depends on availability
Ringneck pheasant tail feather 6-10" ($3.50)
Lady Amherst pheasant tail ($3)
Reeves pheasant tail feather 14-16" ($5)
Hand dyed goose feathers – short, long ($1)
*All feathers may be substituted for the silver pheasant feathers on any sinew strands, or hung from anywhere in the woven center of the dreamcatcher.


Please refer to Journal entitled "Gems Available," right here: https://thebazaarkoey.deviantart.com.....tion-305958472

Herbs will be tied in small "bunches" and added to hang from anywhere in the center weave of the dreamcatcher or one of the 2 sinew strands. The use and scent of the herbs have been used by many Native Americans for numerous reasons. Additions of each herb is $3 (which the exception of Rosemary).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or note me!

White Sage
Rosemary ($2.50)

Birthstone Bracelets - $5
Bracelets with woven synthesized sinew or cowhide leather (dark brown or violet) along with your birthstone gem as a bead.

Horse hair can also be woven in at no extra cost! :)

Extra items such as teeth or claws can also be added. See below for details.

Teeth and claw Accessories
Lynx claw ($7)
Porcupine claw ($5)
Coyote claw ($6)
Badger claw ($8)
Beaver tooth ($7)
Coyote tooth ($6)
Water Buffalo tooth ($5)
Other animal teeth or claws possible. Please note or email me if you have any questions!! :)

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