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The Amazing Spider-Man

As usual, when there's a movie i wanted to watch so much, I avoided trailers, spoilers, or even anyone talking about it to prevent from spoiling myself. So i can enjoy all the surprises and twist in person.

And i am so glad i did that.

The movie started modest enough. Then it establishes the personality of our Peter Parker and i love how they did it. It tells us that yes, Peter got talent, and he is good hearted with a taste of teenager tendency. Not a borderline nerd loser laughingstock like the previous three movies. He is smart and he shows it, and not just sprouting magic physic nonsense when the plot demands it. He looks just like a normal student And that's the Peter Parker i remember and love^^

Then Gwen Stacy, oh gosh, she's charming. She's smart, rational, and so composed. And throughout the plot she keep herself very useful. She's definitely not a bland love interest just to show that yes, the male lead is indeed straight. Their love story also started kinda cute with how they are kinda crushing into each other^^

The pace was kinda slow in the beginning. Establishing more major characters trait and personality. And as the plot moves on, I love how through the movie the characters keep acting like how any sane person would behave in the real world. Even the main villain didn't inject the virus just because he could. There's a decent build up, and it made me forgive him for doing something so stupid because yes, i can imagine myself doing that too if i was in his shoes.

Then it was kinda fun to watch how the characters develop over time. How their interaction actually changes something. It's nice to watch the tiny little changes with each new encounter.

Then the Spider-Man himself. It's kinda weird at first to watch how different  he is with and without the mask. Then Peter mentioned that the mask gave him power. Then it hit me in the head, of course! People have various masks. He always have that side of him, only when he is wearing the mask that he can fully express that side.

I absolutely love the fighting scene. Sure, he can't shoot lasers or punch people so hard it break space time continuum. But the web-fu was so awesome. Boy, why do you have to remind me why i favored Spider-Man so much over other marvel heroes?^^

Then the plot moves on and on to the finale. and my amazement grew. And The resolution was absolutely satisfying.

And then, there's the final scene which kinda reminds me of a scene in the past Spider-Man that irks me so much. It plays so similarly until Gwen gave one line that sends her as the absolute number one of my favorite heroines and made the scene soo much heartwarming. You have to watch it and boy i want to jump in joy when she said that^^

In short, i am so satisfied with this movie. I give it five thumbs up. Thank you for the wonderful movie. A movie where i can relate with most of the characters. No dumb plot. No pointless drama just to squeeze tears from audience. It was a pure unfiltered pleasure^^

Of course, all of the above are just my personal opinion. That was all my experience and you might experience it differently^^
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Added: 6 years, 6 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago
just wondering as I know this is in 3d also. Is it worth seeing in 3d?
6 years, 6 months ago
Well, i didn't watch it in 3D since all my past 3D experiences (Transformers 3 and Avengers) were awful. So I don't know. Sorry >.<
6 years, 6 months ago
thanks anyway
6 years, 6 months ago
You are very welcome^^
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