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Free time shenanigans~

   Due to my awful writer's block and infuriating technical difficulties a friend of mine and I have decided to take a day off of our normal artistic duties and go to the mall for some furry fun. I recently acquired a brand new tail to match my paws, so I figured her and I could go to the mall and torture the non-furs.
   My good friend AerilynWolf and I will be prowling around the mall closest to my house- her in her arctic fox ear headband and 19 inch tail, me in my black paws, spiked collar, and much shorter 12 inch black and brown fox tail (panda tails are hard to find)- with two big posters reading "FREE HUGZ".
   I'm excited to see how many hugs we both get, and I'm considering making it a competition.
   But I know all too well it won't be all fun and games. Unfortunately I live in The Land Of Anti-furs. Woop-dee-fucking-do. I'm hoping we don't get too much shit, but I'm aware that it will be unavoidable.
   anywho- some people may wanna get pictures with us (for some reason hat happens a lot at the mall i go to) and i'll probably be posting those on here, given there's actually nice people at the mall the day we decide to go.

On a different note, Unfortunately due to InkBunny's "no humans" rule, I cannot post my ongoing "Ready, Aim, FIRE!" series. Thus, unless I get Ideas from you guys, It'll be a while before I get a chance to update my writing.  If you guys check my profile you'll see that my writing requests (limit 1 oneshot per person) and writing for art trades are both open, so if any of you guys would like something specific written, feel free to hit me up :3
   And for all of you guys out there that I'm watching, I have nearly 100 submissions to go through, and I can't NOT oggle over your amazing artwork and envy your talent, it's just not possible, so for the next day or so, i'll be constantly logged in creeping around the site, so feel free to send a shout or a message :3

Hope to hear from you guys soon!
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