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Brain Zapped

Been feeling so brain dead lately.  I notice it most after a few hours of talking on skype. Not that I don't like the people, because I do! And the conversation is fine. But today I just felt so brain dead, I had to excuse myself from the chat. After which I just got up from my chair and walked down the road feeling like a zombie. Everything was so damn beautiful outside though. I wished I could paint what I saw. My sluggishness kind of wore off as I walked and I just kind of let everything around me pour in without trying to shut anything out. I dunno if this has anything to do with being an introvert or maybe having a bit of low latent inhibition...but too much stimulation is really ...a not nice feeling.

I admit that I was trying to do several things at once when I was on skype. My attention was divided over my livestream page, procaster, the conversation, and also trying to find a livestream alternative which was researching justintv, ustream, watchtail, and anything else relevant. Think about holding a conversation while dealing with those things 9_9

What I really can't understand is how some people are able to just shut all this stuff out and multitask seemingly without effort. From what I know though...divided attention usually equals shitty attention over each thing lol, not 100% perfect attention over each thing.  I've grown so used to focusing on one thing at a time and giving it most of my attention. But on the flipside I can't listen to music while sleeping, watch a tv show while talking to someone, play music while drawing watching a tv show and chatting, or other things like that. It just makes me think "why the hell would anyone want to torture themselves that way?" But I know I'm thinking in the way I would experience it. To someone else it would probably hit their sweet spot of stimulation. Are the majority of people really like this? Or is this only because I live in America? lol
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
What you have are

Gatherers: Multitaskers, looking near, far, high, low; taking many variables into account to "gather" and "glean" what is suitable and what is not.

Hunters: Narrow focus, determination, ingenuity, creativity, hyper-vigilant, alertness, clear away the rest to enter "in the zone" needs

ADHD = Heightened version of Hunter types.  Alpha Hunters.

Gatherers see an "even more not like us" version in ADHD and assume "if there is less of them, and least like us; therefore wrong"

Don't sweat it :] Don't doubt yourself

And stop trying to gauge all you are by them.
6 years, 7 months ago
Sometimes just having too many tabs open in my web browser can make me feel anxious and I just close the window and reopen it. Maybe that is what you had to do? Of course doing the same thing for a few hours would make anyone feel brain dead.
6 years, 7 months ago
In general also not too good at multitasking. But I like to listen to music while drawing or having a video running.
And chat I just check from time to time, when pausing my drawing. I don't try to read all.
6 years, 7 months ago
I fail at multitasking a lot unless I'm extremely organized about it. I assume that's because of my ADD and focusing issues. Sometimes I feel the same way and just want to run away, be somewhere quiet and peaceful, having nobody around but myself. I get especially like that when too much multitasking causes my anxiety to skyrocket, which could very well lead to an anxiety attack if not remedied in a timely manner.

And then at times I can have sessions of extreme focus, where I get so much done and my motivation piques, but it doesn't last for more than a few hours because something tends to distract me, or I put too much on my plate and it overloads.

Sometimes it's so hard to feel "normal", lol...

I do however listen to music while drawing or writing because it helps me focus strangely enough. Well, it has to be music devoid of lyrics and have a fairly steady, predictable sort of sound. Music like that helps me focus in other ways as well, like multitasking at my job.
6 years, 7 months ago
Huh...I'm also pretty surprised to hear that listening to music while drawing is already multitasking for ya buckling. I'm listening to music whatever I do, unless it's watching a movie.

Anyway, did anything work out as for the stream? I know Livestream is back to working, as Ishoka is streaming now.
6 years, 7 months ago
I didn't say ONLY listening to music and drawing :P
I said listening to music while drawing and chatting and watching a tv show. All of those things at once. I actually love listening to music while drawing. I was reading a book called "the animator's survival kit" , where the author kinda heavily critisized the students that would listen to music while animating.

And yes, livestream came back eventually. I noticed.
6 years, 7 months ago
I don't usually do many things at a time because I end up taking a lot more to finish the tasks, but I can't really say I feel the same way regarding Skype conversations. It's like doing something and having friends over, virtually. The more, the merrier... Well, just in theory.
What I don't like so much about Skype conversations are actually group calls, those kinda wear me out as well, because for one, the attention to the skype conversation has to be higher, as there are more people and you have to concentrate on what they're saying, even if they're not talking to you at a certain moment, and sometimes I'm having difficulties understanding what they're saying because they're all talking at the same time >.<
Concerning music, think of it as background noise. You don't actually HAVE to listen to every note and every lyric of a certain song.
It's just something that you like, running in the background, and you hear it allthough you don't have to give too much importance to it.
6 years, 7 months ago
i'm in the middle i supose.
i find it hard to even play a game without one alternet stimulation that doesn't need major atintion to enjoy

For the most part i listen to a book or have a tv show (in background) that dosn't realy need you watching it to follow along.

talk radio is fun to

Music no... when i listen to music it's 100% atintion to the music so i can mindsape the song.

people think i'm a major multitasker becos i have so many windows open most of the time.
to me there more like bookmarks.
Or a que of things to checkout.

but when playing most of the games i like to play (puzzle logic or racing)
i enjoy a book playing in the background (genrily being red out by the pc's TTS) while game audio is audible but low and no music unless it's one of those games that lends itself well to the music it has.

mind you i keep the games Sound FX going... i compleatly mute game would and does drive me nuts a little :p

i supose my personal task list brakes down to this for 80% of the time.
Primary task (what i'm looking at or paying atintion to/most interesting stimulation) 75% alocation
Secondary task (first background item book/filetransfer/internal thoughts) 10% alocation (i can be destractid by this and bring it to primarry focus without having to gather ferther information to know whats going on)
Background tasks 10%(internal wanderings room noises. tracking the pets and what there gettig into listening for my name/odd yard  noises/sensory imput not related to primary/secondary task)

Last 5%
Timers reminders future tasks Time Of day exct..
Any item or task not requierd of me at this time but still sitting there in the back of the list possibly if somthing quiets down to do early...
Medecation schedual if any.

Thats a rough brakedown anyway :)
the blerbs passing round in my brain are probly a wherlewhend of gibberish if someone tried to oniter them

As for an artists atintion and lack of multi..

NO your actuily a prety good multi. Your not only thinking of what your drawing/painting/whatever your going over how each line / brushstroke will effect the work and futurecasting or pre rendering the imige in relation to your known skills and all tasks leading upto the compleation of the project

constintly running through verents of the workflow as you go picking and choosing them based on past experince probly lining up dozens of possible outcomes changes techneeks and results as you go.

When i settle down to script or work on a pice of electronics aspecily if it's trubleshooting i fall into this focious group.

oh i may still have my story going in the background. BUUUT i tend to loos track of the plot or miss a few paragraphs blocking the stimulation out during the time i'm thinking.

i tend to restart chapters and assort when i get in that mode.
it's so commen i sometimes pre bookmark the spot in text before i start working on somthing that requirs more than that 75% quota of my atintion.
6 years, 7 months ago
I'm one of those people that can concentrate on one thing and ONE thing only. For example: "If I'm reeding a book, I lose al contact with the "out said world", and my friends and family has to scream/yell at me in order to get any contact".
Ore if I'm watching TV and some one comes in the room asking something I HAW to turn my attention to the person in order to give a CORRECT answer.

However if I'm playing a strategy game (pc) I can concentrate on Economy, soldiers, tanks, def, attack, air, land, sea etc. al at the same time without a problem.
6 years, 7 months ago
Héhé if that even recomfort you... I'm worst than you Looq.... When I draw I usually listen to music... so nothing exceptional there... and sometime I always have a friend on messenger... So... it's fun and make me relax... but it start to get a bit challenging when ''another'' friend who see that I'm on and start to chat to me... so... I'm able to ''manage'' if they let me time to breath a li'l... Then like a third one just pop up... asking me to solve his problems or find a solution for his sex life or wich brand of lube is best *chuckle*... my brain start to hurt a lot... my inner wiring is starting to spark a lot here... Then like if this wasn't enough a fourth one bumps in and tell me that his account has been troll or he's been hacked or something like that... To this point... I have the impression that my brain is taking a spin in the blender... I just want to put my PC in the firing field... drop a bomb on it and make myself sepuku with a can opener and kick the ass of the inventor of messenger t'ill he reaches Jerusalem.... So I think your quite ok Looq.... *smile*... maybe I should put a sign on my messenger comment like charging my ''consultation''... Héhé maby I would make more money than beeing an electrician.... who knows *smile*
6 years, 7 months ago
I'm totally the same way when it comes to attention.  I can't do any of the things you mentioned; when my attention's split, it's not great.  I usually try to just put other things on pause when I'm working on something.  When it comes to Skype calls, I only try to do other things at the same time if not much is going on.  Then, if the convo starts up, I usually put the other thing down.  Otherwise, if I really needed to focus on something, I'd just excuse myself from the call.  Just because you -can- be in a call while doing something doesn't mean you should ^^

*hugs ya*
6 years, 7 months ago
Oh!  Or you could just say that you'll be busy for a bit, then come back to the call later ^^
6 years, 7 months ago
The intrawebs can in-fact drain your brain and your soul. I have encountered this experience already. Getting off-line for the balance of a day is not a bad thing. And it seems to me, you should probably be doing it more often than you are.

Do not envy workaholic multi-taskers. They're insane people, driven along by Satan. >;)
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