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A life without Gaming (01-16-22)

Well, one day, anyway.

This Saturday, literally as I ended my morning Gaming Stream, my gaming computer died. I called Dell, and that turned out to be a surprisingly stress free call, considering the debacle the last time was. The person I talked with was clearly not a technician, even if I was transferred to “Premium Technical Support” but he was polite, listened to what I said, instead of constantly repeating a useless script, and after the few attempts to get the computer to turn on so he could get error codes failed, he actually read wich warranty I had and never even suggested I mail the computer back to them for repairs.

that was the first time anyone at Dell even did that. From the fist laptop I bought from them, 20 years ago, if they couldn’t fix the problem remotely, they always tried to confince me the only way to repair it was for me to mail it back in. only once I dug my heels in and pointed out I had on site repair did they relent.

The technician will be here on Tuesday for the repair.

The lack of a Gaming computer threw me off completely. I spent the afternoon wandering the house listlessly and interacting with the housemates, which was odd in and of itself, since they are usually only up at night.

Evenually I went back to my den and read on my Kindle, then slept.

On Sunday, I gave in and installed Steam on my writing computer and didn’t so much play Timberborn, as used the time to run stress test on water and food production. I’ll probably do the same today, and hopefully tomorrow the Technician will figure out what is wrong and I will have my gaming computer again.

As usual, if you have questions, please, ask them, they give me something to talk about. If you don’t feel comfortable asking them here, you can email them to me at: S.Stpierre@thetigerwrites.com

If you want to support me, You can do so through my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kindar, Kofi https://ko-fi.com/kindar, or . . . . Hmm, I do need 3rd thing to make this work, don’t I?

And with that. I, will wish you a good day.
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4 months, 1 week ago
That's pretty amazing. Maybe they got their heads out of their asses and realized if we treat people like people we get ahead better. I hope the repairs go quickly and it runs smoothly after.
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