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What Yogurt Means To Us!

I been asked many times of what does yogurt mean to us, I learned that in western countries yogurt is considered as some sort of dessert, when I first heard that I was like (WTF?!) because to us that's like adding flavors to ketchup and mayonnaise, what's even more weird is that most westerns I met don't even know any other use of yogurt but this, so I decided to give you a little culture lesson :lol::

-Type A: Plain Yogurt: Laban لبن http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-CUKxUcIwhdg/T0fcjX16TpI/AAAA...

Yogurt is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk, it is used in many ways in our food and makes a good meal for it's rich with calcium, we use yogurt in many ways, some people eat it with a spoon, it's easily digested which makes it a good meal for those who have teeth or throat issues,  some put it on rice, some use it as a dip like mayonnaise or ketchup, personally I prefer using mayonnaise and ketchup (preferably the former) when eating french fries but many people prefer yogurt here, you can also use it to make a delicious cucumber salad, or make a sandwich of it, some people even add salt and olive oil on it and eat it with pieces of bread, over here we use this method of using pieces of bread in many meals like fried eggs and kidney beans!

-Type B: Yogurt As Soft Drink: http://www.aseuromediterraneanmkt.com/wp-content/uploa...

You'll probably find this weird but Yogurt is also used to make soft drinks, though it has some weird soar taste, but it's not too soar like lemon or orange juice, a lot of people like it here and it's good for when you feel sick or have acidity, some types of yogurt soft drinks have flavors!

-Type C: Cooked Yogurt: Mansaff منسف http://shots.ikbis.com/image/62402/large/3adel__2_.jpg

Yes that is correct, yogurt is also cooked, over here in Sham countries we have something called "mansaff" which is basically yogurt cooked over easy with chowder, we always eat it with rice, sometimes we add fried nuts and crispy fried pieces of bread, it takes a long time to cook but it's very delicious and is considered a great way to show hospitality when people come over, if you haven't tried it before you should but because as it is considered one of the heaviest meals of all time, no kidding, one plate can make you fall asleep for hours XD

-Type D: Frozen Yogurt: http://oneawkwardyear.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/yogu...

I'm sure you're all familiar with frozen yogurt, only problem is about 6 years ago I didn't even know of it's existence, yes until very recently we didn't even have it here and a lot of people here still don't know it, it's a dessert made out of yogurt by adding flavors to it, it doesn't have to be frozen to be eaten but some prefer it frozen!

-Type E: Labaneh: لبنة http://www.the-superbasket.com/admin/jss/uploads/13019...

Labaneh is basically yogurt minus water, you put yogurt in a fabric bag, hang it for a couple of days until it dries all the water, and voila you have Labaneh, Labaneh is very very common here, in a way you may say it's our own "peanut butter" as peanut butter isn't very common here, when you're hungry and want a quick snack, you make a Labaneh sandwich, when kids wanna make food but are too young to use the oven, they make a Labaneh sandwich, you can also add olive oil to Labaneh and eat it with pieces of bread in the morning, kinda like hummus حمص http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-anQw18r9BVg/TpvTI70MalI/AAAA...

And that's it, I guess I have covered everything about the types of yogurt, thank you for reading ;)
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