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Dragon Story YCH (with free art possibility)

You are both a hero…and a vagabond. With the aid of your dragon companion, you’ve been eluding the chasers sent after you by the grumpy king of the most influential empire in the region. A thorn in his royal arse, he calls you. Yet this time, this cat and mouse game seems to reach a stalemate when you are invited by his greatest commander to Dragonkeep to talk terms of peace. The seat of the empire’s military power…and the bastion of one of the last few dragons that exist on this continent is what you’ll throw yourself into.

Although you suspect there might be more to this invitation that meets the eye, with two of the last dragon riders on this continent meeting under the same roof, there’s no greater chance to protect the outcasts you call friends from the king’s wrath. You can give them a home. A future. All you have to do is…talk things through.

But is talk really what the commander and his dragon are really after? We shall find that out together :)


This is a “last of their kind” type of story, and as such, you can expect a bunch of lewd things to happen between lustful dragons deprived of sexual fulfillment in the embrace of a member of their own species.

You -or the character you wish to go with- are the protagonist of this tale, and can be any species of humanoid creatures (anthros, minotaur, human, elf, etc). Their backstory/personality/abilities are customizable. The cliché hero archetype I picked as the preview for my idea is merely a placeholder.

Your dragon partner can be male or female. Wyverns/eastern dragons allowed. You can pick their personality yourself, or allow me to adjust it to fit the story. Submissive characters have a slight preference bias.

The commander you meet is my character, partnered with a clever, silky, dominant and menacing black spiky black dragon. Preview of an incomplete artwork I have of this dragon https://sta.sh/024spv0wcsl8

There are two tiers you can choose for this story:

-Short story, 7000-12000 words, priced at 50eur/1000 words. Depending on the length and the creative freedom you allow me, it may come with a bonus amount of free words.

-Detailed story, 12.000-20.000 words, priced at 60eur/1000 words. Depending on the length and the creative freedom you allow me, it may come with a free artwork from :iconfirael:

-NSFW scenes are left at your discretion. The longer the story, the more nsfw scenes can be included. Usually, an erotic scene can be included every 5000 words. Foreplay might not count as a whole scene. It depends on the context. I’m pretty versatile with the amount of kinks I can do, but my preferences hover in the vanilla range of what you’d expect to happen under the circumstances painted by the scenario I presented you with in this journal.

-Some sample kinks are dom/sub, size difference, oral, plenty of slit related actions, frotting (if your dragon is male), breeding (if your dragon is female), teasing, bondage, and more!

-Payment installments are more than welcome!
Contact me here or at the following options to claim!

Email: Siranordrake[at]gmail.com
Telegram: @ Siranor
Discord: Siranor#8944
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