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A Newbie's Diary

So, I'd really like to get into this site :D While browsing through the artwork, I've seen some great artists, as well as a few that are about the same level of skill as I am. It makes me feel a lot better, not being entirely flooded by amazing skill, about posting my artwork. And I also see comments about how to improve on some such submissions, instead of "HOMG You're amazing!" all the time. XD It lets me learn, which is why I wanted to join in the first place :D

I've decided to try and update my journal daily. Seeing as its summer and my schedule is fairly open, I'd like to reconnect with writing and keep a diary of sorts. Some days I'll rant, discuss ideas for further stories/art, or try and start a debate about something that I really want to talk about.

If you couldn't tell by the title, I'm definitely a newbie, and I'd love to get to know some more people :D I'm open to talk nearly all day about anything. I especially want some friends to do art trades with; trading helps me feel rewarded for putting effort into a piece, I get practice, and I get free art XD Just send me a message! :D

So I suppose today I shall talk about myself, to see if anyone else shares my interests :D First, I'd like to talk about my furry family -the real living furry family. I am currently the proud owner of 4 rescue dogs, 8 rescue cats (4 of whom are just 6 weeks old!) a very loud sun conure, a chinese water dragon, a crested gecko, a rat, 2 adorable long hair teddy bear hamsters, numerous hermit crabs(seriously, I have like, 10, and they are called "hermit" crabs. Derp fail.) and tons and tons of fish, both tropical and salt water. Also who I call family are the 3 stray cats, 2 stray dogs, and the neighbor's cow, who also figures out how to jump the fence into our yard, even though she's insanely huge. If you haven't guessed yet, I do live in the country. The nearest store is about a two hour drive down winding roads. But I'm definitely caught up on modern living, seeing as I'm an avid video gamer and computer lover, who really wants to make her own games, films, and documentaries on nature and wild animals. On that note, I absolutely love taking pictures of wildlife, filming them, and then drawing and writing about them. It's a process people :D I think of myself as an incredibly creative person and love to scrapbook, knit, crochet, sew, paint, and sculpt. Other less expressed loves of mine are singing, dancing, and building puppets. Despite how I may sound/come across as online, I am an incredibly shy person, and when meeting someone new I prefer to observe them and not actually greet them... hence why people assume I'm a creepy stalker ;D However, once you get to know me and vice versa, I never shut up. It's a skill. :p

So, me in a nutshell; I have a ton of hobbies that I just rambled on about, probably causing you to run away in panic. I only went into detail because I'd love to meet people who share my interests, and I figured I'd only find people like me if I laid it all out in front of you. So kudos for those who read that!

If you're unsure how to strike up a conversation with me, just bring up your pets, your fursonas/personal characters, or maybe ask me to roleplay. I love love love to roleplay through one on one writing. Large community literature roleplays overwhelm me, mostly because I only have a tiny tiny tiny effect on how the story goes. And between two people, we both share in the shaping of the tale. I'll roleplay about anything, including things of mature content, though I'm not an extremely violent person so you may be disappointed when I don't bludgeon my characters to death :D But otherwise, I'm pretty flexible and just enjoy the writing/connecting with the other person.

I hope you read my work, help me improve my art, and get to know me! If you have a similar "Diary" type deal on your journals, I'll keep tabs on yours if you do the same for me :D
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