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Commission info (Updated)

What I'll Do: Human, furry/anthro, robotics, dragons, chibis, Fanart of basically any kind, straight, yaoi (gay), yuri (lesbian), nudity, sex; including oral (although I'm not that great at drawing it), solo, non-sexual romance art, blood, fighting, humanized versions of non-human characters, fan-characters, sonic-style, MLP: FIM (excluding non-anthro porn).

What I Might Do: monsters, creatures/humanshape creatures, futa, femboys, character designing (I've only done it for the dragon commission I did), light bondage, Hybrids (part human part animal), Chimeras (parts of different animals), wolves (no problem with them, I'm just not very good at drawing them), cub (depending on context)

What I Won't Do: BDSM, inflation, vore, heavy gore (organs visible, excluded if it's an android character), guro, scat, diaper, piss, musclefurs, hyper, multi-boob (more than two), multi-dick, feral (realistic animal) sex.
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