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I'm sorry for the influx of drama.

So I've skipped a few rocks, had some thinking time, and I'm sorry for spreading drama. I don't want anyone to think I wanted them to grab their pitch forks and go after Donro for me. I knew what I was getting in to, and I planned to do it alone. I didn't want anyone getting involved. I will not say I was acting childish, or that it was below me. I firmly believe the internet often brings out the worst of us. Life isn't sugar and rainbows, and we tend to bring those thoughts with us whenever we get a break from our day to day life. Anything from vacations, or the internet, there is always a point where we reflect on our daily schedules and think "My life sucks" And want to, in some way break from that.

Some people do that by stirring up drama. I know I had my part in it. I never intended for this to escalate. What was supposed to be between me and Donro became between me, some of my friends, and him.

If reading any of my journals made you want to rage him, or troll him, or call him out, I did not mean for it to be directed at you. When I told his friends I was waiting for them, I was telling his friends, I was not intending to let people think that I was doing some grand dramatic thing, and wanted them to jump onto my side.

The incident started while during a skype talk, someone sent a link to a youtube video of a fox. He began to say Foxes are vermin, to which we said they were just untamed animals, and all animals are like that when they are untamed. He said repeatedly that we were just sticking up for them because we want to "yaff" them. I told him that, being submissive, I honestly had no interest in submissive foxes, and really, I'm not a super huge fan of them, to which his answer to that was: Whatever, you just want to yaff them.

He was kicked from the conversation, and he made a journal talking about how we were morons, and were only sticking up for foxes because we wanted to "yaff" them. Me, and others, began to argue on his journal, calling him out on this. He acted with stupidity, and going as far as to accuse my boyfriend of being a pedophile. As you can imagine, I was angry over that. Many people called him out, and after making himself out to be the most immature person on the journal, he deleted it.

We were okay with that, thinking that he would just end it there, and it would be drama free. He then made a drawing, of a fox, that was what he described as being "Everything everyone wants from a fox" with info like "He loves to suck AIDS infected dick"

I called him out on not letting the drama end, and he replied saying this was an inside joke between he and a friend. Of course it wasn't, it was a conversation that had happened on Skype, a conversation I was a part of, and saw first hand, and this was him still being angry about us not agreeing with him, and his immature way of venting because no one agreed with him.

The argument between us began anew, except this time, as it dragged on and he got tired of it, he lied and said that some of his friends had been reading, were getting angry, and were ready to attack. I didn't believe for a moment these friends existed (Not saying he doesn't have friends, Trolls stick together, but I'm saying he doesn't have friends who honestly cared.)

It continued, and he told me I should expect his friends, they would hack my account, and attack me everywhere, on every site. They would find my parents phone number (How he would get that info without hacking some site, because honestly my father doesn't use the internet, I'll never know) and call them and tell them about my furry life (My father already knows, and really doesn't care) and a bunch of other things, threatening that his "friends" would ruin my life.

Not once was I angry about that. I knew it wouldn't happen. What angered me was during this conversation on his journal, he posted "evidence" of my boyfriend being a pedophile (In the previous one, as I mentioned, he had called my BF one, and I asked him for proof which he never revealed) This was  heavily edited Skype conversation with one of his friends, talking about finding a picture on a chan, of a girl that Donro described as "looking to young,".

Now, I was mad because he posted this, but it was idiotic. There was no time stamp, it was evidence saying my GAY boyfriend found a picture of a GIRL. He was speaking spanish, something I've never seen my boyfriend do. The list goes on and on. The whole thing was faked, and that pissed me off.

That is the basis of what went down between me and him. He threatened me, I told him to bring it. In no way did I want anyone to pick up their swords or torches or pitchforks, or whatever. This was between me, him, and his friends, and that's how it should have stayed.

Instead, it seemed to Escalate. My boyfriend got involved, and a few other people. some people read my journals and thought I wished them to go after him, and that was never my intention.

I to wish to apologize to those that got involved through me, or my actions. I am not taking back anything I've said to him, nor am I apologizing to him.

I am making this journal to mark my own hypocrisy. The drama has been so thick lately, and on countless journals I have said that it needs to stop, and here I was starting more up. I also write this to point that I gave the admins proof that he was calling my boyfriend a pedophile, and forging evidence of him supposedly owning pictures of underage women, something he could go to jail for, the admins didn't do a thing

A man held up something that he called proof of a heinous act, and when I asked the admins to take down the bio, and anything else he makes that was to make drama over the event, one of them told me to just ignore him.

I am okay with that. I'm fine with ignoring him. It wasn't because of him being pissy with me that I wanted the bio taken down, and even consider his banning. It was that he had forged evidence, calling someone I love a terrible thing. Forgery, is a crime, and I'm sure even that could get him arrested. I'm not here to talk the legal system, I'm here to say that while we were talking, he was trying to get more people involved. He brought up Rokuke, Gaki, anyone he could to get more people angry at my friends, saying whatever he could about anyone to try and cause more drama.

I left it to the admins to try and stop drama before it started, something many people said the Inkbunny admins were cracking down on after the recent events, and when I brought drama to them, told them they have a troll account, they said "just ignore him."

all I can say is it reminded me of back in elementary school, and the teachers would tell you to "just ignore the bully and he'll leave you alone". You would receive several beatings and bruises, and it made you realize the teachers were worthless in their job of watching children.

After that incident, I now see incompetence inside the enforcement of Inkbunny. I'm not going to say "OMG THE ADMINS ARE TEH DUMB" but I will say I'm greatly saddened that, while I showed them drama that shouldn't have started, they decided to ignore it.

I've sense learned that Donro has been kicked from FA due to trolling. He had at least two accounts, both have been banned, due to trolling. All I can say is FA is known for its admins not doing their jobs correctly, but after hearing this I feel a little better about the site. They saw a troll and got rid of him, something I've yet to see Inkbunny do.

As I write that, I will not say I'm hating the site. I love Inkbunny. I think it's a great site. I just do not like the people who run the site. It's sort of like liking a library that's run by librarians who let little kids run around and yell and scream. Yeah, the people can be bad, but there are good books, and every now and then you meet good people.

I've rambled long enough. I would just like to say again, I apologize to anyone who has been caught into the wind by this, and hope that you are not influenced by me in the future. All that has happened is between me and Donro, and that's how it should have stayed.

Thank you for your time, and have a nice day.
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
After reading this it makes me wish that I had handled this sort of thing more maturely. It wasn't your journals that caused me to do what I did, it was the original journals from Donro himself who caused me to post my own journals about how "douchebaggy" Donro was and if my actions affected you in any way, I am sorry, you don't deserve the hate.
6 years, 7 months ago
Oh I take full responsibility. Alot of people became involved because of me, and this probably wouldn't have happened if I hadn't argued with him on skype in the first place.

We all have are immature moments, infact anyone who says they are mature are basically feeding you bull shit.

Donro is not a good person. I'm not trying to say "comeon give him another chance" He is a terrible person and I still wish he had been banned. But, I'm over it.
6 years, 7 months ago
Actually, I'm glad you brought him to my attention. I'm rather proud of my block/ban list. On FA, it's actually longer than my +watch list and I add more trolls and arses to it all the time.
6 years, 7 months ago
You write almost as much as Wolfblade
6 years, 7 months ago
Not sure if compliment or criticism...
6 years, 7 months ago
I'm going to confront you on a few things, but please remember I'm trying to keep completely civil here, so don't mistake my tone for anything other than neutral. =)
" I left it to the admins to try and stop drama before it started, something many people said the Inkbunny admins were cracking down on after the recent events, and when I brought drama to them, told them they have a troll account, they said "just ignore him."

all I can say is it reminded me of back in elementary school, and the teachers would tell you to "just ignore the bully and he'll leave you alone". You would receive several beatings and bruises, and it made you realize the teachers were worthless in their job of watching children.
Things escalated because the troll wasn't ignored. I'm not trying to blame this on you, I fully understand where you're coming from, but it does take two to tango. If either one of you ignored the other there wouldn't have been any way for things to become what they became. That's why you were probably suggested to ignore the troll, it is simply the best way to defuse the situation. Plus, if you tell a potential troll to leave you alone and you stop talking with them but they continue pestering you directly, you can self-moderate and block them & erase their comments. If the troll continues after that point, then they're getting into harassment territory.

Inkbunny is not a school, the staff are not teachers and the users are not children. Inkbunny is a furry art community, a place to have fun while sharing and enjoying art. The admin runs the website, the moderators are supposed to be focusing on managing the art uploaded making sure it conforms with the ACP, and the users are supposed to act like adults because they are (or should be) as IB is "Restricted To Adults" (RTA) and only users who are 18+ can be here. When dealing with users, moderators are supposed to be moderate considering their title is essentially made from the word. They're not going to take a side, they're not going to try and sort out the dispute, that's not their job. ^_^;

When mods see 2 adults 'verbally sparring' they probably have faith that both adults will work things out (in fact some people get offended when others step in on their 'battles' because they can "handle it"), so nothing needs to happen. If it's more of a one-sided situation, one person repeatedly insulting another (for example), then they probably would step in and issue a harassment warning.

" After that incident, I now see incompetence inside the enforcement of Inkbunny. I'm not going to say "OMG THE ADMINS ARE TEH DUMB" but I will say I'm greatly saddened that, while I showed them drama that shouldn't have started, they decided to ignore it.
It's not incompetence, if anything it's faith in their users to self-moderate and defuse their own situation. At worst it's pacifism, but it's not a lack of intellectual ability or qualifications. If it helps, think of them as the crew in drama class back in high school. You know, those guys dressed in all black keeping the play running behind the scenes. They're not supposed to get on stage and insert their own lines whenever they feel like it. It's your play, you're on stage, you decide how it works out. You can end the play at any time by walking off the stage, the other person can stay up there and look like a derp if they want to, but if at any point they cross the line the crew is right there to step in.

I really hope you understand that I'm not trying to turn this around and rub your face in it, I'm just trying to help you see a side you didn't consider. I know you're an intelligent person, I've seen the level-headed comments you've made around the site. But I think you reacted to this poorly, and the end result is just as much your fault as it was the troll. Hopefully you appreciate my honesty, and know I don't think any less of you because of this event. -Sho =)
6 years, 7 months ago
I'm sorry, I got alittle bit into that before feeling alittle ragey.

Are we kids? No, we're not. But if someone stands up and calls someone else out for being a pedophile (A ver illegal thing) and drags their names through the mud, and go as far as FORGING evidence? Yeah. That's illegal. Forging Evidance? Rokuke could probably sue him in real life for that.

The moderators don't understand that no, no one acts like an adult online. As I said, the internet is a slum of racial slurs, sexist remarks, and trust me, it's not comming from "Stupid 13 YO" like everyone believes. These are grown people.

If we want to talk about being adults, he threatened to send his friends after me, and called my boyfriend a pedo, AND spent a whole day drawing and complaining because some people on the INTERNET disagreed with him. There was never anything adult about it. When I say they are like teachers, I don't mean that they teach, I mean that they supervise. They are supposed to watch over, and when they see soemthing that is created with no other reason then to stir up shit, they should do something about it.

Yeah, I know, behind the scenes, that's swell, until you come to a realization that it's not just going to go away! to use a point in history, Germany invading Poland, the UN basically say "Eh, that'll be the end of it"... See, the thing is, that is never the end of it. People will fight for days online if they're given the chance.

I know, kinda being a jerk, but as I always said, it's better to stop a problem before it starts, instead of sitting back, thinking "Eh, what's the worse that can happen" And a bunch of people get pissed off, which is what happened here.
6 years, 7 months ago
Nothing to be sorry about. I'm just glad you didn't take what I had to say negatively. ^_^; No matter what this troll did, insults and "evidence" mean very little if the person saying them doesn't have a trustworthy reputation. Yes you'll get a few who will agree because they're friends with the troll, or maybe they're just easily manipulated, but it's not a significant number of people. Loud, yes. Significant, no.

I'd wager people do more damage to themselves by feeling the need to address what claims a troll has come up with, makes people wonder if there was any truth to them to begin with. I'd just suggest to save yourself some time and not justify it with any type of response. Anyone with half a brain would be able to tell that 'evidence' was forged, and the rest of them should be swayed by the facts you brought up. Otherwise they're just bigots who stupidly hold opinions on things they don't try to understand (and who cares what they think).

Most of the people around me act like adults, but that may be because I try to surround myself with intelligent people who show at least a shred of empathy, understanding and reason. I think you act mature, I try to act mature, lots of people do, but we're not perfect and we slip up from time to time. All we can do is our best and not worry about the rest of it.

There are problems with doing anything about it, for example: React too quickly and you risk making a mistake, plus the troll has very little invested in the current user name so they're happy to just make a new account right away and continue insulting people. React too slow and you start upsetting legit users; balance is needed.

If Germany tried to invade Poland on IB; Poland could just ban Germany. =p And if that didn't work, Poland could just create a support ticket and let the mods take care of it from there. ;)

I will quote you on one part:
" And a bunch of people get pissed off, which is what happened here.
The question to ask here is -why- did they get upset? Do you think they would have gotten as upset if you ignored the troll? Do you think more or less people would have even known about it if you ignored the troll? Friends talking about negative things gives them negative feelings, it upsets them. Sometimes it's absolutely needed, important real life stuff, but I'm fairly sure they would have been more happy and less pissed off if you decided early on to ignore the troll. Again, I'm -not- blaming you, just sharing a different possible outcome if you had made different choices. =)
6 years, 7 months ago
I admitted it blew out of proportion do to me.

Also, if you don't recall, Poland DID appeal to the UN for help, but they didn't respond. Same thing that ahppened here.

The whole point of this journal is to say I'm through with it. He threatened me by saying his friends were going to make my life a living hell, and I've seen hid nor hair of them. Thus, I do not believe they exist. It was a childish thing he said to try and get me to back down, and it failed.

Honestly this will be my last journal on the matter. I acted like a child, and so did he. I am here to apolagize for that, and to tell everyone this has nothing to do with anyone BUT me and him.

I will follow that by saying that all of this WAS between me and him, and you've been in it since i first said something, even now you have a journal on the matter. I'm trying to close the conversation, and I feel like you are just bringing it more attention.
6 years, 7 months ago
I commend you for taking responsibility for your actions. =3 But I'm not trying to bring attention to it at all, that's why I didn't quote directly nor did I mention any names. You inspired me to write something worth reading so I wanted to share it. That's all. I won't be talking about this any more either. I just hope my honesty wasn't taken poorly. ^_^; In any case, moving on to happier subjects! =D
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