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Good news is always followed by bad

For me this seems to be truth. As many of you know we been battling with the whole car thing for months. we finely got one and been battling a whole new fight. which is getting it up and running. Well we won that fight as well. so we went out to get the plates and tay a new Id today so all that is left is getting it inspected which is what we are going to be doing tomorrow. the whole point is this allows us to now fully hunt for jobs.

How ever when we got home today my mother and brother asked if they can talk to us. The good part is my brother has found him a new love and he is dating once more. yay for him. The bad part is this bitch wants him mom and the boys to move to Slidell Louisiana. my brother and mother have said yes. So they asked if we wanted to take the tralior. Of course we do. one problem we have 2 and a half months to ether find jobs good enough to allow us to pay for the tralior lot rent insurance Electric and so on so forth.

These means that if we do not do so in the nest 2 months if we are not lucky enough to find a place of our own or get work to keep this one or find a freaking roommate to move in with us we are HOMELESS once more. So yeah in this case good news is always followed by very very bad news. How ever if there is anyone in Louisiana whom needs a place to stay and can afford there part of the rent and every thing else between. We will have a spare bed room in about 2 and a half 3 months.

All I can ask for is for Help and prayer and for you my friends and family on here to spread the word. Because truth be told I am sick of being homeless or being told that I might become homeless is I or Tay do not find work soon enough

this is a very confused very pissed off and very sad kogie signing out
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
I hope for the best. Make finding a job a job itself. Go out and search from 9am to 5pm, 5 days a week. The intensity helps a lot, I found. Also, do you have options for unemployment benefits? They may even have 'under-employment' benefits for if you work less than 30 hours a week (when you do find a job, to help supplement your income). My mate found a job through one of those employment agencies. They're sorta hard to get into but they do make it easier to find something. Good luck!
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