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Quantun Conundrum - Game Review

Well, just finished this game and though interesting to share my opinion on it.

In general pretty good game, nice amount of content for the price and re playability once it's been completed, Possible Spoilers ahead.

Graphics: 8/10 - Smooth cartoon-y graphics carry the story around, the player is totally invisible and the only three characters he interacts are some furry little inter dimensional creature, the missing uncle, appearing only as a voice/narrator and some in game pictures and a robot head that will throw up furniture for you.

Music: 7/10 - Nice soft music plays through most of the game, fits perfectly but nothing out of the ordinary(this game works a lot as a portal game with a different mechanic, this is too for the ending song)

Story 5~6/10 - Almost no Story, more than a few tips about background information about the characters, the story is as simple as to keep the game going, in resume the character will simply complete three objectives with no surprise about what will happen, ending quite open for a sequel or some expansion.

Controls 7~8/10 - It's noticeable how the game can be played better with a game-pad rather than a keyboard, but still works well for both, not the easiest to master, are quite smooth once you grabbed fly, you will be amazed how you can fly on top of couches you threw yourself through the air.

Mechanics 8/10 - The game works with the idea of multiple dimensions that vary between each other in simple physical laws modified, the four dimensions, besides the normal one are :
*Fluffy Dimension, all's soft and light, the character, a 10 years old kid, can easily lift safes, couches and heavy objects.
*Heavy Dimension, all's heavy and hard, simple objects as boxes are heavy as safes and can break windows while safes can withstand things like lasers.
*Slow Dimension, Time runs thick in this one, everything moves at a fraction than normal, you can easily walk over suspended furniture or move around a gap to catch an object you threw yourself (or climb on something you threw and surf it through the air).
*Inverse Dimension, gravity pull is totally opposite to normal, all objects will fall up instead of down.

Changing between dimensions will keep inertia on objects, meaning a light object throw and turned heavy will still fly as normal, or throwing an object, slowing down time, jumping on it will let you surf it away. The character will stay constant weight, speed and the rest won't change for him, neither will a lot of the mansion's technology gagdgets.

In resume, 7.5~8/10, the game pays for itself, will give a great time to anyone who liked portal, the tutorial curve feels similar as the game slowly lets go of your hand as more mechanics add to the game. There are a lot of easter eggs and collectibles along with level stats to break. Keep an eye for the pictures.
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
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