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Idiot Aboard....

I try giving someone critique on their artwork and giving them reliable information.

It was not the "Oh your work is horrible! BAH! You don't deserve to draw! Eat that pencil and jump off a cliff!!" It was the friendly helping hand where he went wrong and GIVING him tips on how to correct it.

No, he decides to block me, remove my advice and comments and call me obnoxious when he himself is a fool. I mean if you don't want constructive criticism on your work then don't post it... better yet do not draw at all if you can't take critique at all. I don't care if you can't draw stick figures, just don't attempt at art if you do not want people commenting on your work... not everyone is going to like and worship your work.

And I am telling to all you fools who don't like to be critiqued! Don't like people trying to help you improve? Well tough cookie!

I am not perfect, I know this and I ask my friends I can trust. And they know they can say "Dude that is some shitty anatomy, coloring, -ect-" and I will take it with a heart.

Critique fuels my ambition to improve. That is what having talent of ANY KIND is about... Improving... Simple... can't take it? Then don't do it.
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago
See you forget that furries are a emotional lot, over I'd say a good 75% whine, bitch and moan, as well as take everything you say against them as a personal attack. Being in the community as long as i have you have come to realize this. Take into account why people become furries? a vast portion it is for escapism, escape from reality and stuff, unhappy in life? " RL" as it we're turn to fantasy. These are also in the section of deluded furries whom bad mouth humans even, despite all they hope and wish for, ARE still human. We complain about the negative outsider influences against the community, when we really should be worried about it being sabotaged within the community.

More to what you said it is odd he took that response? Most artist I know are more critical of themselves and don't really take the criticism of others to heart
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