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And a JOB! *weird face*/ YuGiOh: Bonds of Time!

I'm back on job hunting, and it's no easier than when I was doing it last time.

I need money so i can pay all you great artists to draw my characters, damn it!

I will also be needing money to buy a ticket to see Bonds of Time!

I won't see it in 3d because I value my eyes, but I will see it! I was the YuGiOh movie that was said to be made for the US, and it was fun making fun of it with the friends I had at the time.

I'm no longer with those friends, but I expect the movie itself to entertain me.

In my my usual nature I'll go during the the day while people are at school and work. If I really like it I'll see it again with people for other reactions, and being able react along with the crowd. That's fun, too.

1 thing I know I don't like already is Jaden Yuki's in it.

There's also a more import detail I don't like, but it's spoilers for those that haven't the original Japanese trailers. I highly doubt 4kids will run the clip in the US trailer, but some people are going to die NOT SAYING WHO.

What's bothering me is this:

The film was released on January 23, 2010 in Japan, and is to be released in the United States with a limited run on February 26 and 27 and again on March 5 and 6.

What I'm looking at it they're only going to run it 4 days. What the fuck for? Why can't it have a normal movie run? I'll probably be seeing it in March, and pray for the DVD if I like it.

I'm hopping to see more anime movie features in America very soon. I mean than Yugioh and Pokemon. There are alot of anime movies the deserve proper movie feature respect. I'm willing to bet money Steamboy would have KILLED in the box office along with many others I have and haven't heard of.

Let's all hope TOGETHER!
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