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A Wonderful Surprise

I mentioned in my about me article that I'm not that great of an artist, and that hasn't changed, but I'm going to be making a comic soon. How can a terrible artist do a comic you may ask? Well it's simple; I'm not drawing a damnable thing! I made this account with the idea of writing gay furry stories, and I'm going to, while my friend makes the words come to life. I asked her if she wanted to make a furry comic with me, and we're brainstorming. The first few are going to be very short: mostly one-shots, however once we've got the hang of it then we'll work on a series, and possibly some sequels to our most popular one-shots (my plan is to wrap up the conflict in all of them, but leave it open for a sequel, that way I'm not restricting myself.)
My first idea for a series is pretty, well odd. Furry comics all have some of the same problems: they're too unrealistic. Now how in the hell can someone make this realistic? Evolution. The animals are humanoid because they evolved intelligence first similar to humans, then superceeding humans. The possible name so far would be "The Age of Man is Over". Not all animals evolved intelligence, so they were technologically augmented with Science! This is as science fiction as it can get, which is my goal because I love Sci-fi. Tell me your thoughts, especially your thoughts on humans being domesticated by these smart animals.
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