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Dumb movies coming to a theater near you!

Saw a poster showcasing that hideous creature John Leguizamo played in the Ice Age movies. It seems there will be yet ANOTHER of those turds showing in theaters in a few more days. I am not sure if this is actually showing the first movie or a new one, being that the nut obsessive squirrel was holding a mini pirate flag at the bottom of the retarded looking sloth and I don't ever recall seeing that character holding anything of the sort in the past 3 movies.
 I mean, why? Why make another flop that no one gives a fuck about? I thought MIB 3 proved that sequels to a tired franchise are not worth making anymore. The first Ice Age was OK and I did like the human-beast intereaction until the nice ending, but then the second and third movies made me feel like even I could come up with a better story than whatever those people hired to create those insults to animation. I'll just hold my breath until whatever happens comes to pass.
Speaking of questionable movie events, whats the deal with the Abe Lincoln vampire slayer movie? I went to check the Redbox machine to see what low grade dvds it offered and found there IS already an Abe Lincoln battling the undead kind of movie, but instead of those blood sucking parasites he fights zombies here. I mean, whatever low budget movie company who made that can get away with it because it looks like something the "syfy" channel would come out of its anus to show whenever WWE isn't showing in its timeslot. That way I can't take it seriously and laugh a hearthy Jabba the Hutt laugh at it. BUt this theatrical release? I even saw a commercial about the people responsible for it and they were all holding straight faces and being serious about it, adding how "badass" Lincoln is (was?). Are they truly serious? Are they making fun of this President or are they basing this movie in something he might've done before he was elected? What's next, Snakes in the White House starring George Washington?
Maybe Fight Club: Beginnings with Teddy Roosevelt?
Anyway, as night was resurfacing I took a couple more snapshots of the city as it lit up. I came across some stinking hobo who was bugging me to get money so he could buy a "cigarette". I ignored him completely as I spotted a cat waltxing about in front of an apartment complex, so I took a shot of him hopeing it would come out OK with little light I had to take it. As much as I looked and hoped for, I never found any graffiti on walls anywhere. Seems the city is serious about keeping it clean...of sorts. The only thing close to it was some pornographic solitiation inside a restroom of a 7-11 that was pretty blurry but I could manage to see what it read. Well, maybe if I walk around the slums or something I might find something worth shooting next time.
The end of this month is near and with it, I will get paid pretty soon. I will be able to get my new phone hopefully so I can have someone to talk to in the boring nights that had haunted me for a long time now.
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