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I'm really tired. Spelling/grammar mistakes are not my fault right now.

Things that have gone wrong in the past month:

Lost a pack of cigarettes. Freshly opened, had smoked one out of it, then they were gone.
Best friend moved out of my apartment complex. Now I have to ride a whole block to go to his house. No, I'm not really that fat.
Parents told me how much they hated me.
Mom told me for a second time how much she hated me and made it perfectly clear that she hates me more than her ex husband, who she would kill if she had the chance.
Broke up with my mate.

Things that have gone right in the past month:

I got four packs of cigarettes for free. (excluding the ones that ran away from me)
I got back together with my ex, who I love very much.
Me and my friend smoked the two most FRESH Swisher's either one of us has ever seen. Not kidding, the tobacco was still moist, and you could bend these things at a thirty five degree angle without breaking them.

Outrageous things I've done in the past month:

YOUR MOM!!! Haha, sorry, I'm really tired. I felt that it had to be done. Moving on.
I smoked cat nip. Yes, cat nip. Interesting, but pointless.
I smoked Pringles. Don't ever do it, ever ever ever.
I smoked Jelly Beans, which actually tasted good.
I smoked Skittles, which also tasted good. Maybe I should rename this section to, "Outrageous things I've smoked in the past month".
I smoked a pretzel. Almost as harsh as the Pringles, but not quite.
I moved about a thousand pounds of furniture and boxes up a flight of stairs by myself, because friends are lazy.
I got drunk with my best friends mom. Funny shit.

Conclusion: This month sucked, but was pretty funny overall, however not enough to relive. Except for getting back with my ex. That was nice. Maybe I'll start doing these every month just to put journals up, since I never write journals anyways. Whatev. Peace!
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