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my story

I want to tell a story about my life when I came out to my Bisexualness..? if thats a real word :P

but here we go....

I came out during the summer after my freshmen year was over, at this point I thought about my past and I remember I loved and missed a friend (who is a boy) and we get into adventures (we actually kissed) but this happened when I was in 3rd grade and I had a crush on a girl (I don't have it anymore but I always thought of being her BF) and I thought to myself "I love both of them and maybe I can like the both sex" and that is how I became Bisexual. 10th grade the great/worst year of my life (it was bitter sweet) I was in my choir class (Chamber Singers) and I wrote on my card "I like guys and girls" and everyone was laughing and I rose my hand and then silent I didn't understand it at first but when 2nd semester started everything went down hill. I was shun away by my class mates because of my sexuality and I knew it they didn't talk to me, ask me to be in there group, always trying to make me different but the sweet part about it is that thats where I met my true friends :) (I love u guys for being there for me) and they supported me and gave me open arms to my sexuality. 11th grade I came out to my parents. my mom was ok with it and my dad was 50/50 but he accept me now and my sisters knew or I told them but they were ok with it too :) and I met my furry friends who made part of the fandom and became best friends ^_^, so I was more open about it and later kids from my classes were ok with my sexuality because I was being me and they respected it I was more open and welcomed but some people asked "have you gone to GSA (Gay straight Alliance)" I told them no. In truth my high school GSA is not really what they seem (have a great cause but wrong people) I went to 2 meeting and they didnt welcome me with open arms and when I told them about my Bf living area situation they told me "Tell that story at the next meeting" I was surprise/shocked that they brush off that story I told them, plus they didn't make me feel safe or gave me support (my friends did that for me and there not in GSA). So now 12th senior year, I was going all open and I told people that Im proud of who I am because I never changed and well people knew I was a great person :). after those 4 years I wrote this down to tell you "Be proud of who you are, never let people down, give people open arms, and comfort them when needed because we are all the same not by DNA but by soul in our hearts"

From Vivi Kitsune (aka Vincent Philip Apodaca)
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Added: 7 years, 1 month ago
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