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Considering Hands

I’ve always found it strange to consider why we, as a society, have globally chosen the number 10 to be the basis of all counting systems. Even disparate communities, completely isolated from the world, will have this system should the have one such a system. Of course, the answer is a simple one, and I recognize the logic that goes into looking at our ten fingers and using these convenient visual representations to convey basic numbering*.

However, despite the widespread nature of this social norm, it seems strange that companies by and large still have 5 year, 10 year, 25 year anniversaries; capitalizing on the public addiction for the veneer of the unique would be all too simple. 3 year anniversary, followed by the 6 year one. Pushing boundaries and raising questions int he public arena and mindset; all from the comfort of an office chair.

And people love sales, oh do they ever love sales. From the metaphorical, and occasionally literal, self-kicking administered for missing a sale to the elated denial of immediate gratification for grand ‘savings’ in the near future. In these cases, it is not even a necessity for there to be a sale soon, the mere idea of one has the masses slavering at the mouth and wiping this analogous excess saliva away with the occasional saved banknote.

It’s impossible to put a label on this human urge, stuck so thoroughly (again in the case of self-denial in waiting for price slashings) between the Deadly Sin of greed and the Cardinal Virtue of patience.

So where does that leave us? In purgatory, without the t-shirt we saw and adored, without the timtams or fruit loops and, considering the accelerated state of the modern computer industry, certainly not the hardware both desired and needed.

Waiting for the savings to come ‘round.

Counting off the time in purgatory, ticking off each second with crooked fingers.

*[As a side-note, the verb meaning ‘the use of numbers’ shall henceforth be known as Numefaction]
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