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Rant: Politics in Furry is Pointless

99% of online discourse about politics is socially and emotionally stunted losers trying to justify being  toxic to other people in order to feel better about their own shit. Emotional damage is more common than ever, and a lot of people turn to this as their outlet of choice (to other and dehumanize randos without social consequences). None of this behavior will actually change the world for the better though. Every person in the furry subculture could die tomorrow and the entire world would barely notice (everyone would forget in a week). The real difference this behavior actually causes is...how fun and safe it actually is to be a furry. The difference is the worry and fear people have to feel when they talk to new faces, take commissions, etc. It's the way our interactions have become policed. It's how material they are now. Every interpersonal connection needs to be meticulously scrutinized for acceptability, lest the angry mob of emotional damage try to drive YOU to suicide next due to your "problematic friends".

People trying to encourage some random antisocial furries on the autism spectrum to commit suicide (via social lynching) over a random bad take they shared at...some point in time...was never going to make the world a better place. Don't kid yourself. If you want to see someone grow as a person, you have to do the unthinkable: you have to talk to them. You have to be patient. You have to listen to them and get their perspective. You have to be kind, and share your own perspective. You have to grow together as people. But none of this rewards you with clout. In fact: it stands to reduce your clout as other clout-starved furries use your goodwill as a bludgeon to attack your reputation with (to gain more clout for themselves). It's hard to see a way out of this self-fulfilling prophecy the subculture finds itself in without understanding the mechanisms in play here and how they damage the subculture as a whole.

If you actually care about politics...stop worrying about furries. We're an extremely insignificant bunch. There is no way to make the world a better place by worrying about or changing what furries think. There is literally zero reason to be an emotionally invested political furry on the Internet given the social stigma attached to doing so, and how that limits your audience. Actually caring about politics enough to make a difference means getting involved locally and going from there. You know, as a real person and not some cartoon character you beat it to. It means actually talking to people in person and solving issues in your local area. I'd be genuinely surprised if many of these big "political furry" accounts on social media were even aware of their local issues. I think for most of them, they just like the way the happy brain chemical feels when their latest cancel post hits four figures.

If you still find yourself actually wanting to care about the opinions of random furries and you want to convince people of things, though: ditch social media. That shit's useless. Talk to people privately instead. Practice basic interpersonal respect. Understand that quitting your clout addiction means that you will be attacked by other clout addicts. Accept that. Understand that to get rid of the toxic clout system, a LOT of people will have to be attacked by others for showing basic respect for others and having actual conversations with them. You don't actually have to endorse someone's every thought to talk to them, you know that...right? That said...I have my doubts that this is even possible. Furries are largely too greedy and self-serving. That's how we got into this situation in the first place.
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Added: 1 month ago
1 month ago
Indeed. o.o
1 month ago
I agree with this. It's gotten ridiculous now.

People need to stop with the clout chasing because it is turning the fandom it's self into something sinister.

Yeah I notice furries are really greedy. The prices on some artwork is a bit much.  
1 month ago
I agree that furries aren't going to have any influence outside the fandom, that our opinions are effectively irrelevant in the outside world, but I don't agree that talking about politics in the fandom is pointless. The fandom means a great deal to those within it and revolting collectivist politics is wrecking it, so it's to be resisted. I don't ever think it will be pointless to defend what you care about and ceding ground, unfought, to political scumbags is ethical bankruptcy. Such people do not deserve to have something so many people have made just because they demand it, they are not entitled to an accepting silence from everyone they despise and mistreat. One of the most disgusting tactics of the left in the fandom is to pretend there isn't a problem at all, so the idea of those on the receiving end going quiet and not taking their ideology to task is effectively saying everything they've been doing is fine. It fucking isn't fine and it isn't pointless to oppose it. The underlying philosophy employed by the censorious mob is that the ends justify the means, so to oppose them is to oppose that principle. The means matter and even if we don't get the end we hoped for it doesn't make what we do pointless. One might as well argue that life itself is pointless because death is a ubiquitous guarantee. We should try to do the right thing because it's best for our own souls, our integrity and conscience, rather than because we're hoping for a tangible reward or favourable outcome. When all else goes to shit, the only thing between us and suicide is being able to hold ones own head high in self respect.
4 weeks, 1 day ago
Before I respond to this: I hope that you're doing well. It's always great to see you posting on here again. You're one of the only furs that can genuinely say that you've been harassed by these woke ghouls to the same level that I've been, so your input here is especially valuable. I'd also love to talk to you more, I'm just shy and easily distracted so I never actually poke you like I mean to. XP I have a private chat that discusses politics that I'd love to add you to at some point.

I should probably clarify that when I talk about politics here, I'm talking about mainstream politics. Subcultures like ours have their own internal politics and that can definitely be worth worrying about. Especially when you look at all of the cancel behavior, all of the toxicity, all of the people that feel threatened and intimidated into not talking to someone that's been judged by the mob. I think it'll always be worth denouncing that utterly shite behavior.

I guess the point I was more trying to make is that our takes on mainstream politics as furries will never matter enough to justify treating people so extremely poorly to the degree that we've seen. I'm kind of an extreme case, but I lost a job via Twitter furries harassing my former employer on the phone, which ultimately led to me being homeless for 4 months during the height of the pandemic and getting really sick. That peaked during an especially traumatic event that led me to being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder some months later, and has lasting effects like me not being able to go outside without risking panic attacks. I've also dealt with numerous furries perpetuating libel about me from a trolling site started by a literal neo nazi that enjoys making ABDLs want to kill themselves. All of the above happened because an apparently profound lack of medication was really upset that what, I spent two years pretending to be a fascist so I could take over and shut down a chatroom to do the fandom a favor? The whole gravity of everything I've went through VS how petty and inconsequential all this shit really is in the grand scheme of things; it always leaves me at a loss for words. Like holy fucking shit furries, none of this ever mattered THIS much to do so much to one person.

Nazifurs being racist LARPers in chatrooms are never going to be a legitimate threat to society. Same thing with the tankies. People take it too seriously. The fandom's involvement in these shitty opinions is never going to form a legitimate army or even a group of people that does anything violent IRL and it's fucking laughable that so many people suggest that this "threat" is real to say that people "need" to be kicked out for the community's safety. No, they're just impressionable idiots that need some patience and direction to get away from the cringe hypocritical radical politics putting visible stink lines above their heads.

In the case of this "anti-nazifur" stuff I personally think it's a Communist accelerationism psyop to radicalize right-wingers by cutting them off and leaving them vulnerable to radical groups by making them the only social environment they can turn to. Not that it's all that effective...like I said, furries with dumb opinions are never going to pick up a rifle and do damage. We're dumbass coomers. We don't have it in us.'
4 weeks, 1 day ago
Aye, I agree with pretty much all of that except the last paragraph XP. Btw, contact me when you want, it's no trouble XP. I think that the radical leftists are deeply damaged people with guilty consciences and a lot of self-hatred and what they do is lashing out because of their own deep-seated issues. They aren't intelligent or competent enough to be deliberately driving furries to the far right as part of some plan. The reason targeted people who have been awfully mistreated by the leftists sometimes gravitate towards right wing extremists is because the extremists are human too and they share an empathetic bond in common, which is that they've all been treated like absolute shit by other people for the perspective they have on life. Over time, people find common cause and kinship with people who don't outright reject them and, irony of ironies, extremist far right people are more accepting than far leftists. If you're accepted by a group then you're more vulnerable to its beliefs. All this happens without anyone planning it, because it's just human nature, basic psychology. The far left can talk about love and acceptance all it wants but they're the ones who actually go out of their way on a regular basis to spitefully hurt other people with extreme prejudice. The far right are imagining a utopia where the world is wonderful, but it is always horrendously misguided to picture such a place and the utopian vision is always coloured by the pain of the people who imagine it. So it involves destroying people who are imagined to be causing the "real" problems. Fucking nonsense, regardless of who is doing it and which side of the isle is contemplating it.
4 weeks ago
I have to admit, I am on the same side politically as a lot of the far left furries. That is just to state my position, but there is something I have been increasingly uncomfortable with, and that is their methods. Having worked in on the ground organizing, there is a serious disconnect between the antisocial behavior of mobbing dissenters that just does not happen when canvassing. Maybe it's a different time. I was a labor organizer in 2008-2009, long before social media had wormed its way into the popular consciousness. As you've mentioned, we had to talk to people one on one, listening to their concerns, rather than shouting our demands at complete strangers. Asking questions - "what ails you, what would you want x individual in office to do, what does your family need?"

That is to say, I don't believe in the genuine motives of their politics. Their behaviors don't exactly align with their beliefs, reacting with the vitriol of hardened archconservative religionists that they so rail against. It's this sort of political narcissism that I'm not comfortable with. I've been gradually disengaging from quote "furry political organizing," (it isn't organized at all,) and even though I share a lot of their core beliefs, just can't get behind the deplatforming, the seperatism, the sort of sensationalized point scoring for social credit.

But y'know? I don't think they want to admit just how good it feels, how the thrill of cutting someone down gives them a dopamine jolt rush. When you don't have power in your own life, wielding it over others becomes addictive. It's got a downright narcotic effect. I'm doing something good and feeling good. I'll admit it is something I have indulged in, and now seeing the consequences thereof (referring to the Tato thing,) I am quite frightened with the ramifications of where this can go.

So, rather than using my platform as an artist, I think I want to shift over towards storytelling and my own in world creations rather than being drafted into the narratives of others' power struggles. There are certain things I believe in and would defend on my own time, but I don't feel comfortable participating in furry political organizing anymore. It's an ugly scene. Wrenching yourself away from any kind of toxicity is tough, whether that's alcohol, toxic religion, or clout chasing. Maybe the heart of the matter is that it should be treated like a drug.

Anyways, I've watched your videos, and it's really been eye opening. I don't always agree with them, but it's a valuable resource. Keep making them, stay rad and stay safe.
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