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25 years of Pokemon (Part 2)

Because I felt one journal was not enough, and because Evolving Skies is coming out soon for the TCG, I figured I'd do another one of these journals, this time focusing on Eevee and its family.  For this journal, I'm going to go over Eevee and each of its evolutions and give my own personal opinion on each.  These will be based mostly on how much I would like to have one of these as a pet if they existed in real-life.  Anyway, let's begin...

+: Extremely cute and fluffy
+: Seems playful and friendly
+: Is "smol", probably doesn't need to eat much
+: Can change into one of eight other forms
-: It might be too "smol" (unless Gigantamaxed...then it's too big).  I'd like a pet that I could easily cuddle with.
-: Deciding what to have Eevee become (assuming you want to evolve it at all) can be a difficult decision.

Overall: Eevee would be excellent if you want a pet that can sit in your lap, but not so much if you want something bigger.

+: Likes water (probably easy to keep clean)
+: Loves swimming
+: Could probably be helpful in catching fish if you're into that.
+ or -: Its ability to melt into the water
+ or -: No fur (for me, having no fur is a bit of a downside because I like floof)
-: You'd probably need a place with lots of water around to keep it happy.

Overall: In recent years I've warmed up to Vaporeon some, but it's still not my favorite of the Eevolutions (or even in my top 3).  Vaporeon would make a good pet for someone who enjoys the water.

+: Has more floof than Vaporeon
+ or -: Has an electric charge (could possibly cause electrical appliances to short circuit or become a four-legged "lightning rod")
-: Cleaning Jolteon would likely be a bitch (due to its electric charge)

Overall: Jolteon is my least favorite of the eevolutions and would probably be the most difficult to own as a pet.  You might get more enjoyment over having a Jolteon for a companion than I do, but personally I wouldn't want a Jolteon as a pet.

+: Is almost as cute and fluffy as Eevee
+: Warm and snuggly (which can come in handy in cold environments)
+ and -: Able to make fire easily (helpful in starting campfires, but could also cause fires unintentionally)
-: Too warm for the summer months
-: Hates water, would be even more difficult to clean than Jolteon.

Overall: Flareon was my favorite of the Eevolutions (until a certain someone else came along that I'll get to in a bit).  It looks a lot like eevee, only much larger, which would make Flareon more cuddly.  However, during the summer months I really wouldn't want a Flareon around.

+: Is cute (but not as cute as Eevee or Flareon)
+ or -: May be able to read your thoughts
+ or -: Likes the daytime/hates the night
+ or -: Seems more cat-like than most of the other eevolutions (if you're into cats, that is)

Overall: Espeon is about in the "middle of the pack" for me.  I like it, but there are others that I like more (including Flareon and a couple others I'll mention later on).

+: Walking "Night Light"
+: The blue rings on the shiny form
+ or -: Likes the night/hates the day
-: I'm not too fond of the red eyes it has
-: Toxic sweat

Overall: Umbreon is pretty much in the same ballpark as Espeon (slightly behind Espeon in my opinion).  What hurts Umbreon most for me is the red eyes and toxic sweat.

+: Is cute (but not quite as cute as Eevee or Flareon)
+ or -: Can make ice easily (helpful in the summer time, not so much in the winter)
+ or -: Dragon slayer (depending on how you feel about dragons)
-: Dislikes heat (especially fire)

Overall: Glaceon is behind Flareon in terms of the eevolutions in my book, though ahead of the others I've mentioned previously.  Personally, I'd like to have a Glaceon around in the summer to serve as a four-legged "air conditioner", but it would really suck to have one during the winter.  It gets cold enough around these parts without "Ice Doggo" making more snow and ice, thank you very much!

+: Doesn't need to eat (just needs a lot of sun)
+: Emits a pleasant smell
+: Likes water (probably easy to clean)
-: No body floof
-: Dislikes heat and cold

Overall: Leafeon seems to be more plant-like than animal-like, meaning it's likely lower maintenance to keep.  However, it's not as cute as some of the eevolutions, and because it's plant-based you'll want to keep it away from anything that'll burn or freeze it.

+: Is almost as cute as Eevee and Flareon
+: Has light blue eyes (loves things that have blue eyes)

+: Can help relax you when you're feeling stressed
+ or -: Capable of reading your thoughts
+ or -: An even more effective dragon slayer
-: Possible Troll
-: I don't like the shiny as much as I like the regular version (mostly because of the eyes).
-: Possibly psychotic

Overall: Sylveon is my favorite of the Eevolutions and the one I'd want to have as a pet the most.  It's empathic nature would be very helpful after long days of work and it is just the right size for me to want to cuddle with it without being too warm or too cold...just as long as it doesn't turn out behaving like a certain other Sylveon I'm familiar with.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now.
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hehe all of those Eevee types are cute
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