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Squeaky Clean - TF Char Concept Ideas

This is an exerpt from an email I sent to a friend of mine. I was pretty worked up writing it so I thought my friends would enjoy reading it too. ^.^

So I was laying on my sofa the other day, fappin' and trying to come up with some kinky ideas. Of course you know I'm big into the forced cuteness stuff, and childishness stuff. I was thinking about one particular idea for cheek-bone cybernetic implants that force you to smile, sort of like this: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8094253/

I'm not sure if I prefer the idea of ones that you insert under the skin, or if I prefer more doll-like ones that would be red or pink rubber circles or ovals with cybernetics on the underside that burrow into your face. Which do you prefer?

Anywhizzle, while I was thinking about that I got the idea for a new character. A sort of mad scientist woman who grew up in a really repressed home, she was always taught that grown up things and adult concepts were wrong, to the point of denying the existance of sexuality and other adult concepts untill she was seperated from her parents. Faced with the adult world, she rebelled and decided to clean up the world, starting with herself. She became a mad scientist and made a special soap to wash away her vagina. I was thinking at first it would be a sort of nano-soap that would fill up and cover her vagina with a waxy soap-like covering, then cover her whole body to sort of toonify it, then she'd start washing other things to toonify them. I'm not sure if calling it nano-soap is a good idea though, it might be better to just call it special soap and make it ambiguous. Plus it's a lot easier to erase a vagina than a penis, like that, isn't it?

Anyways she's all about making stuff "G Rated" as they say, removing adult concepts from the world completely. Starting with herself, she first erases her genitals, and then she gradually modifies herself untill she becomes a living cartoon mouse. She changes her name to Squeaky Clean and begins a campaign to 'clean up the world'.

She goes beyond the normal 'g rated' stuff though, she abhors ANY adult concepts. So, swearing will get her attention and she'll try to stuff her soap down your throat, but even if you talk about something adult without swearing, she'll get upset. Sex, finance, survival, anything 'serious' really. She intends to wash away all of the 'dirty' things in the world, untill there's nothing left but childish cartoons playing politely.

I'm still indecisive about what happens when she stuffs her soap in your mouth. I was thinking maybe it would replace your voice with squeaks and squacks, but I'm not sure. Another alternative would be to make it change your voice and word choices, to make everything you intend to say come out cutesy and childish and absent of adult concepts. At the least I imagine it would make your tounge, and probably the rest of your mouth, waxy and cartoonish inside.

Then comes the transformation. Cleaning up the world isn't that difficult, she pours out vats of soapy water and leaves behind brightly coloured waxy plants, trees, buildings, even animals. People are a little more tricky though.

The easy way would be to have her just wash away their old personas and leave them cutesy and childish cartoons, maybe pushing the soap through their ears and nose to wash their brains clean. But that could also be too 'easy'.

I like long, personal transformations, and since I like to imagine she modified herself surgically as well as using her soap to wash away her 'reality', I like the idea of her doing that to other people too, especially myself!

She would be a great fit for those cybernetic smiling cheekbone implants, and other mad science cuteification gadgets. I really like the idea of being taken to her lab and strapped down to the slab for some long term, bit by bit modification into her cutesy clean counterpart. Maybe she can clean people's bodies and prevent them from saying 'dirty things' but can't keep them from thinking 'dirty thoughts' so simply.

Maybe she'll put people into situations where they have to act 'clean' and 'think clean' in order to survive/escape, and keep messing with them and drugging them untill they're as loopy as she is!

Of course then there's the other angle, this is all so arousing to me, I sort of want to just voulunteer, you know?

Maybe she picked me 'cause she saw me on the internet and thought I'd make a great partner, and I have to deal with the conflict between the reaity and insanity of the situation and my own arousal, even as she's trying to erase such adult concepts as arousal!

What do you all think of those ideas?
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
Just from a writing perspective, it'd probly be better to go with 'special soap'. Just let it be this completely unexplained technology that can do anything you want it to. :)

Also, maybe you could be her guinea pig? She could test stuff on you, doing a slow transformation, in order to perfect fast-acting soaps for other people. Oo, maybe she could make a brainwashing shampoo!
6 years, 9 months ago
Yeah I don't want to end up with Midichlorians. ^.^;;

And yeah, a guinea pig sounds good. I wasn't sure if she would have tested all her stuff on herself first or if she would use other people or what. Probably has some really cute lab rats. www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVzAJbEkyyU

Maybe she tested her stuff on herself too much and covering up all her mistakes is what caused her to take on the form of a cartoon mouse?
6 years, 9 months ago
>Maybe she tested her stuff on herself too much and covering up all her mistakes is what caused her to take on the form of a cartoon mouse?

Could be. She doesn't sound like the type to intentionally turn herself into a mouse.
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