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I'm bored and figured I'd post a entry. As you can tell with my posting it. I'm now done with the comics (Except for editing) of my fox comics. The Kit & Angie one follows the same story line as the written one. It continues directly from it. Use to be it was side story lines that may or may not effect the main but now it is the main. Also the written story had a side story in it about Kit's sister Vicky who got lucky and fell in love with a very wealthy cat named Beth.

Beth how ever keeps her wealth secret and lives like she's upper middle class and worked as a barmaid for years. Even though she's secretly a doctor, from a family that owns a nationwide chain of banks (Livingwell Banks, (Banks name not mentioned in the story yet))

Vicky is Kit's biological sister (One of two). She grew up in an area they call Budding Holler. She has always lived in what she though was the shadow of her older sister's especially Kit.

Now for the main story characters:
Angie, She grew up with Kit but was very smart so pushed up a few grades. She found being was a good way to deal with people picking on her for being much younger than her. Though this was mostly flirting. Her home life was terrible with her mom bringing in men that would molest her. She developed a idea men just want sex. Nothing else, which makes it difficult for her to deal with rejection from her boss, Spec. She thinks he's ether playing hard to get so keep trying or something else.

Kit, is of course the main character, She like her sister grew up in Budding Holler. (Which is actually named Budding Hollow road. and is a country road about a half mile from a small town that I've never named, or I think mentioned)

I have Kit and Angie's back stories wrote out if anyone would like me to post them. I will. Just ask. I use them mostly as reference for myself sometimes. Warning Angie's is very dark.

Like I said I'm bored and decided to tell a little bit of back story of my characters from my Fox story. I have another set of stories, and comics that isn't as dark but instead just goofy. It isn't connected to my fox stories and is about a pheonix and goat named Aohd and Jason.
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