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bone to pick II

as i said in the last "bone to pick" journal, our fandom is very divided when it comes to art depicting certain fetishes; and how some people want certain genres like cub and beastality out of the fandom yet fap to other genres that are much worse like stuff and gore.  with the recent activity that has happened on this site as of late, i have been forced to re-open is wound.  there will be ranting, and there will be nuggets of wisdom that more or less need to be crammed down some throats.  you have been warned.

lately people have been leaving the site.  some have announced it and stirred up drama like attention whores, while others left with no say so at all and caused their watchers to scratch their heads and wonder where they went to and why they have left.  what could be causing people to leave so suddenly, and cause a shit storm in its wake?

well i will tell you...

its the stupid cub issue again!!!

thats right- the cub issue hass arisen once again, and some people are behaving like a bunch of emos in a coffeehouse over it.  they throw a big fit over it, and in turn cause flame wars that sorta mirror the onnes that happen on fa on a daily basis; which is the reason why most of us fled from there in the first place.  its enough to make someone like me want to firebomb some nuts...

"but silver, we're upset that we cant filter certain art because the artists dont label them properly."

Although improper tagging can be somewhat annoying, keep in mind that the artists that produce all the pics for the fapping masses are human; and are capible of making mistakes.  they may have forgotten to type in a certain tag, and others who trust on the the common sense of the masses use simular keywords to take the place of others.  at times this can be an issue, and it doesnt allow the filtering system to work as well as it should.  the best solution is to add the tag of the certain genre you dont wish to see to your filter, along with any words that have any relation to that genre.  it may be a little taxing to type in a list of words, but it pays off in the long run.

"here is an idea- lets make a group system like sofurry uses to keep the different genres apart from each other!  that way we can avoid seeing what we don't like!"

the group system on sofurry doesnt work in the way that people on here might think.  sofurry's group system functions in the same fashion that it does on facebook.  its just a tool that people with the same likes use to get together and share their fetish.  it isnt a filing system that orgenizes the fetish into groups so people can view only the fetish they like and not others.  if you type in a tag in the search window, everything that uses that tag will come up in the search- including the stuff you do not wish to see.  therefore the grouping system wouldn't work either.

when it comes to the media that contains a fetish that people dont care for, the best and most logical advice is to simply ignore what doesnt get your rocks off and enjoy the ones that do.  this is the reason why the auto thumbnail system was set up in the first place.  no one is forcing you to view the stuff that you dislike.  no one is strapping you to your computer chair and making you review their work.  so for the sake of those who are mature enough to abide by the golden rule of furry art and try to co-exist with our fellow members, shut the fuck up and grow a pair.  its bad enough that people outside the fandom harsh our group's mellow, so all this emo shit over art genres isn't helping anything...
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