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And the winner is...

...INKBUNNY!! Based solely on features, functions and site layout, Inkbunny wins, paws down. FA is and probably will always be my main site, as long as it exists (I feel that the end is...neer) but I do wander around here occasionally. Recently I have been wandering around SoFurry (couldn't use it until the Ps3 browser update) and I like it but the layout is...weird. Wandering around isn't as easy as here or FA (I find 90% of artists by wandering fav lists) because of the scrolling fav thing. I just want to glance at a page to know if I want to actually go to their whole fav list. The small thumbnails and the mouseover thing they use also make wandering around much slower, and a strain on the eyes. Inkbunny is best in that way. I turned off the custom thumbnails (custom thumbnails annoy the crap out of me) and made thumbnails BIG! I...LOVE IT!! :D If more of the great artists from FA would see past the cub stereotype and start posting here, I would make this my main site. Its so much better than FA, in every way. Kinda hard to tell who is an artist and who is just a watcher though. SoFurry is nice but its kinda jumbled and weird lol. I accidentally unwatched someone when I went to fav something. Gotta be careful with that. Leaving comments is a pain for me because I don't have a PC or a cell phone. I use my Ps3's browser to do all my wandering. After leaving a comment on SoFurry, I get stuck in leaving another comment so I have to hit L1 or R1 to get out. Also, it kicks me out of reply if I try to backspace (L1) while writing. Its...just a pain lol. Anyway, THE best furry site (in my opinion) by far, is Inkbunny! LONG LIVE INKBUNNY!! =^.^=
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