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Space Saving Furniture
A "transforming" type of multipurpose furniture, Sam posted a pic on FB relating to this.  I saw it a few years ago, but I have a bad habit of thinking everyone knows what I just learned so, realizing that's not true, I ask: does transforming furniture help those with little space only and get too complicated for those with enough space, or is it universally beneficial?  The shelf/desk/bed seems extremely useful, to me at least.

Recreation of Iron Age Life
I don't know why this video was related to space saving furniture, but I followed the link from above anyway.  Their way of living doesn't look too different than that of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, and honestly makes me wonder how much of this "ultra modern world" is actually less efficient than the ancient world?  The participants of the project say that their forced interaction with the community made them care more about each other and each other's company more than they have in any other environment; in a small way, that reminds me of our conventions.

At age 18, I did not want to believe in reincarnation because life sucks (god damn it), but after having memories consciously begin to surface from a few of my lives, I had to accept it not just as a possibility that "this is what happens when you die", but as a fact that, this is what happens every time you die.  
Unlike James, my memories are from too far back to prove by speaking to living persons from that time, but even if sporadically, my memories do go back into long forgotten times.  Some people might ask, "what do you have to say about people saying they've met god in near death experiences?"; my answer IS this video.
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