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Fender Telecaster

here I'm finally tackling the hardest engineering task ever that I've wanted to do for ages, I've wanted a Fender Telecaster for a looong time but I can't afford $900 for one, I just found I can build a pretty nice one for a little over $400. so, that's my life's insanity now, trying to get the things to build a guitar. I'll probably just be making the body, the neck needs a metal tensioning rod called a trussrod which I lack the tools and desire to install and the fretboard had positions measured in the thousandths of an inch so I'll not be doing that. the additional hardware is next to impossible to make DIY sooo, I'll just buy the parts. I'm still trying hard to get a good set of plans for the body, they're either scaled down or asking for a credit card number. Other than that, I'm confident, I'll plan to make the body out of an exotic hardwood like Pauk, Bubinga, Purpleheart, zebrawood or maybe Wenge. well, this'll probably take a few weeks and a rather hefty list of supplies but I'm looking forward to having a new ax to play with!! I may post some photos of my progress. I'll be attempting to make a vintage spinoff, it'll have an original telecaster bridge plate and three brass string saddles, each holding one string I'll use an original electronics enclosure with tone and volume as well as the pickup selector. the pickups will be pretty original with two single coil fender pickups, the bridge pickup slightly tilted. I may play around a bit with the insignia on the tuning head though, but this'll be essentially a DIY telecaster replica. well, off to get the hardware, I'll keep this posted.
FYI my hardware list includes
2 single coil pickups
1 ash tele guitar neck
6 precision tuning pegs
1 bridge plate
3 brass bridge saddles
1 stainless steel neck plate
1 electronics enclosure plate
2 potentiometers
1 three position pickup switch
a jumble of wood screws
1 output jack cup
2 ceramic disc capacitors 20 nf and 1 nf
3 locking nuts
1 celluloid pickguard
1 2'' X 14'' X 22'' piece of hardwood

whew... wish me luck.
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Added: 7 years, 1 month ago
7 years, 1 month ago
0.0 Luck Tiger. *gets various medical supplies ready for when tiger gets peeved, cuts, scrapes, and other odd bits a physical damage he does to himself*  And no worries, the "kisses" to make 'em all better are well stocked for you. ;)
7 years, 1 month ago
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