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... and In with the New.

2011 is but a few hours old. What better way to mess with the freshness than to drop a three month To-Do list? = D

Seriously though, I'm the kid of "Artist"-type guy who likes to plan things out a bit... even if I don't get to all of it.

2010 was a bust for me so I'm essentially starting my plans over. Again, the overall goal is simple - Keep Moving Forward. I'm adding to this a minor goal of simply being more outgoing. The first one is easier to plan for. The second is pretty much just a friendly reminder. So... let's get to that list!

January to March:
- Gain a script buffer for my webcomic.
With the issues I had last year, my normal script buffer bit the dust. I usually write my comic scripts upwards of a month in advance because, for me, writing is easy so I simply let it flow. This gives me a large chunk of jokes that I can let sit and review when the time to draw them is close. The problems I had writing this recent story arc has shown my Achilles's Heel. I simply can't keep up writing and drawing on the fly. Too many things get in the way of producing a good product and the strip suffers. Getting back into the habit of spending a night writing and reviewing (Usually Thursday or Friday) will keep things running far smoother than they have been as of late.
- Plot out "Night of the Lepus".
I still like this project. I like this project enough to give it yet another chance. I know what it takes to make a comic book and I know that I have the drive to spend large chunks of time writing and drawing it. I have giving up the illusion that I'll be able to pull a Fred Perry and drop a completed book in less time than it takes to bake a cake. Heck, this story went from me wanting to finish up an old 24 Hour comic and has slowly grown to something that might be 48+ pages. Needless to say, that kind a game change means I have to sit down a plan a bit. Rushing headlong into this will only end with me repeating this bit in 2012. -.-
- Spend some energy on advertising and marketing my strip and my work.
The small freelance jobs I take throughout the year are great but have been insanely sparse as of late. I need to monetize what I have - 5 years worth of comic strips and a good decades worth of designs. To continue on my current path unchanged will only lead to more bills and financial pains I can easily avoid. What am I going to do about this? I'm going to redesign my Project Wonderful ads for my comic and create ads exclusively for me online shop. I feel I can make my point better if I plan around a strong image and very limited animation. After all, what good is an ad if it doesn't properly get the eyes of your audience.
This step will also make my old Graphic Design teachers happy as advertising was kinda' their thing and proper advertising as what they tried to hammer into... er, "Instill in us" to use in our future careers.
- Plan on expanding my product.
As much as I would love to think of my art as magical snowflakes of originality devoid of the realities of business, this simply isn't the case. Many of my personal designs are toyetic and would look damn good as a plush toy or a statue of some sort. Can I sculpt it or make patterns to sew my own dolls? Yes, actually but I simply have neither the drive nor the time to do so. Looking into places like Patch Together and seeing what does and doesn't sell is tops on that list. It's also something that I can do between projects. The key to this is doing the footwork first.

I think that's a fair bit of work to get done in the next three months. It'll be tough but I've faced worse and come through far better for it. Here's to 2011 and the hope that it will be far better for everyone. = )
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