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Progress for 12-06-2012 [13-06-2012 update at bottom]

Well, time to post an update on my progress I guess...color coding powers go!


I've started the expanding stage of the quests in the game...I had a list of base-ideas, now I'm trying to elaborate on them. It's still very early, I'll probably go trough at least 20 revisions before I actually consider anything complete, so that might take a while...
I haven't had much time for the fan ideas though, so I didn't add them in the list (below) for now, but worry not - they're safe on my desktop along with all the other material I have for the game, so feel free to leave more...the more ideas I get, the better afterall (I'm running low on non-rule34 stuff, so any suggestions are welcome!)

Currently, the "story" progress sheet can be found here: http://pastehtml.com/view/c18vhxzpr.html
Again - this is only a list, it'll most likely change by the next update.


Oh boy is this a hard one...during my life as a RPG Maker user, I've never encountered so much trouble designing a map...ever.
I'll be honest, the whole lack of appropriate graphics pretty much means that with the exception of the world-map, the remaining ones will probably look nothing like the locations from the show...
Before you turn your backs on this, please consider the following: the locations in the show are mostly flat-land with a very generic and many times empty'ish terrain, which in RPG Maker looks quite frankly terrible. I personally prefer a more "eye candy" inaccurate-to-the-show design than a bland-in-many-cases-empty one. I'll try to post a comparison sometime this week to show you what I mean.

Other than that, mapping really slowing me down...when I just see that I cant make something the way I wish I did, I just get the typical "art depression" and usually quit for a few hours...but I'll get trough it eventually.

Base design:

I managed to find a way to not-use any human-characters even without having pony graphics...it won't look good of course, but it's decent I guess, will try to work on that and hopefully have something worth while figured out.
I already managed to get graphics for in-game items, clothes etc. so that's one thing taken care of.
...I also made a few changes in the RPG Maker VX Ace core that'll improve many things greatly (640x480 resolution instead of the 516x412 for example) and change the menus for more convenience.
Other than those, there's not much to comment, untill I'm done with the story and mapping, I cant really create anything worth showing...

Community help:

Short version:

Currently I need:
- ideas for non-rule34 quests
- ideas for random stuff (mostly lolz I guess)
- help with graphics/art

Long version:

I originally wanted to make the game a casual game with some rule34 elements...currently, the rule34 elements are more dominant though, so I would like to focus on getting some non-rule34 stuff in it, so please leave any ideas you might have.

Got any ideas for random things that might be encountered or some lol-dialog? Leave them in the comments aswell, not sure if I'll be able to do anything with them (engine limitations) but who knows.

I also need help from artists...this is actually fairly important...
As you might've seen in the preview video, the current character-sprites I use are "ghosts"...I've tried several things to fix this but it seems like it's impossible to do it without editing the whole sheet...and I'm really bad at it. If anyone wants to five a shot at helping out with that, here is the character-sheet that needs editing: http://i873.photobucket.com/albums/ab298/AnkokuFang/gh...
(what it needs is transparency removed and the characters to be solid color...that cant be done by just putting a background on a lower layer though, I already tried)

I will also need help with in-game still pictures...pretty much things like rule34-scenes, or a quest completed scene will be represented by still pictures showing a scene...they don't need to be epic-detail but I'd prefer it if they can be the same type of design as the show (not humanized ponies that is)...scenes like "regular sex" and "cum in" for example will be the same picture but with just added the "cum in" detail to avoid resource-wasting...I don't want to ask for too much from anyone that might be interested in helping...

And last but not least, the current progress of the characters and their scenes: http://pastehtml.com/view/c18xxncu7.html
The update is fairly small but some of you might want to see it.

That's it for now, thanks for reading and please leave your thoughts/ideas in the comments.

UPDATE: the "ghost characters" sheet has been fixed now, thanks to "supercow" from the RPG Revolution forums, no further help with that will be needed.
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Added: 6 years, 8 months ago
6 years, 8 months ago
Cool. I'm having a little problem with my laptop (I'm using my phone at the moment) so I'll speak to you when I get my laptop back up and running.

chat to you later
6 years, 8 months ago
kk ^_^
6 years, 8 months ago
About the only non R34 thing I can think of that might possibly fit, is PipeMania. that is, yo have that big dam, water going to Apple Acrea, and Ponyville etc, and electrial power going everywhere, given its the Hoove,r dam, a Wonder, so given its failed at least once during the animation, there must be problems with lines and such that need sorting? 8)

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