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Sonic Hentai RPG

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Hello everyone. I’m sure you’re all aware of the game we have been putting together!
We have all made some major progress on the project and have acquired more members for our team.  In this thread we will go in depth about our development process, in which we will use to further enhance the game.
Team Members by alphabetical order:

    Crystal Alicorn

Writing Staff:
Crystal Alicorn

Graphic Staff: (This includes item sprites and character sprites)
Crystal Alicorn

Art Staff
Blade_TigerX: Colourist, Animator
Cuisine: (Undecided)  
Crystal Alicorn: Sketch artist, Colourist, Animator
PowerSlave: Colourist

Crystal Alicorn
DarkEmberDrake (Main mapper)

Crystal Alicorn

I’m sure you’re all wondering what type of game this is going to be. The majority of the gameplay will be focused around action RPG combat. The game will contain six playable characters and multiple boss fights for the player to engage. Each character will also have their own unique Artwork and animations to go along with ‘losing’ in combat. They will also have their own unique storylines that will intertwine, similar to the story mode in Sonic Adventure.


As of now we have the script completely written for the game and are starting the art phase.
We have also gotten a majority of the game completely planned out and will be working on it as such. If you are interested in taking a position in helping the project along, send Crystal Alicorn or PowerSlave a PM with a sample of your work, and  tell us which parts of the project you would like to assist in. We currently need: Sketch artists, Animators and Spriters.

Note: As of yet we currently do not have an official title for the project


Five hundred years ago upon an island of silence and mystery, lived a diverse community of people. These people existed in peace and harmony for a time and worshipped magic and the powerful deity of love, Amare. This deity provided for all of the island, bringing its good fortune and happiness to all.

However, one stormy night, a stranger visited this land upon a boat carrying with him a single book. He was starving, drained of energy from the sea and near dead in all aspects. The people on the  island, showing their kindness nursed the man back to health. As a token of his great appreciation, he shared with them the powers of his own people.

These powers were contained within a single book, the book that he had brought along with him on his travels. To him, as he said  “It is the only thing left of my people,  I am the only one now. All of it’s power, I entrust to you. Your kindness has shown me you should be the ones to now possess it”  a smile curled upon his lips, and for a time, the land was peaceful again.

Over time, the people grew restless, fear and paranoia consumed them as they were bestowed with powers they could not comprehend. As such, they opted to destroy the book and In his great sadness, the traveler whom they had saved, could not bare the final remnants of his people being eliminated and using everything he had, begged them to stop. The peoples of the island, did not listen, and once more attempted to destroy the knowledge they were given. These people however, did not succeed. In their fear and frustration, they then took the life of the traveler whom they had once saved.

The traveler was given a burial out at sea, his body sinking to the bottom of the depths perhaps never to be found again. The book he had given them as a token of appreciation and love, had now become a symbol of fear and paranoia for those whom existed on this pseudo paradise of peace. A month after the travelers funeral, the worst of what could have possibly happened, did. The book was stolen by four unnamed assailants, and not a trace of evidence was left behind.

The four thieves, seeking power and eternal life used the book’s magic for their own selfish desires. The corrupted use of this pure and beautiful tome, angered their god, Amare. After seeing what the entire island had done to this traveler and his purity, she punished the simple people disgusted with their act of brutality and cowardice.

The island fell to chaos, fell to the darkness, where no light would ever shine again. It’s animals becoming perverse and devious, its people all disappearing into the void to suffer the same fate as the traveler they had murdered. And for all eternity, forever onward, it would no longer be a peaceful place. Only four remained upon this island, only four and no more. The thieves whom had used this tome for their own selfish gain, would forever be lost souls upon this place. The four thieves now seek prey to entertain their miserable existence, as they will forever be trapped here in reminder of what they have done.

Five hundred years later, a few party goers find themselves on a remnant of the past. A remnant of which they will have a hard time escaping, or surviving unscathed.

Cast of Characters


Name: Aiden
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Species: Echidna
Cup: D Cup
Height 3,4
Personality: Sarcastic, Jerkish and Confident
Occupation: Treasure Hunter
Abilities: Aiden is skilled in unarmed combat and uses her tough melee to break down enemies. Her abilities in magic though, is sub par. But she more than makes up for this with her sheer fighting prowess.
Weapon: Fists
Biography: Ever since birth, Aiden has grown up in a rather harsh environment. At a young age she was forced into a military esque scenario away from her parents. Because of this, during her coming of age ceremony she snapped and attacked her fellow officers while they slept. Many years later she became a treasure hunter and was attacked upon splitting the reward with her teammates. While fleeing, she accidently happened aboard Eggman's ship, where the party was taking place.

Name: Chia
Sex: Female
Height: 3,0
Breast Size: B cup
Personality: Headstrong, Silly and Immature
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Weapon: Wooden Sword
Abilities: Chia uses a powerful water magic she inherited from an ancient temple during her childhood to fight. Because of this, she cannot battle with metal weapons as they rust rather quickly upon her handling them. Using wood, she is effectively able to attack her foes with a mix of melee and elemental based abilities.
Biography: Chia is a hotheaded mobian girl whom came from a series of small islands. She has an adventurous heart and never turns down a brawl or an adventure, especially when treasure is involved. She was hired as a security guard for Eggman’s cruise with the promise of a paycheck to fuel her next adventure. Little did she know however, that this job would be more than she bargained for!

Name: Ibon
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Species: Jackal
Breast Size: C Cup
Height: 3’4”
Personality: Determined, Noble, Untrusting
Occupation: Archaeologist
Weapon: Khopesh Sword
Abilities: Ibon fights with her khopesh sword. Relying on her training to make up for her lack of special powers.  However ancient spirits seem to flock to her for her respect and care for their pasts and occasionally lend her a little boost in a fight.
Biography: Ibon is an Egyptian Jackal who after seeing a pyramid important to her own family tree defaced by Doctor Robotnik took to Archaeology, so that she might find relics of the past and place them where they might be safe from thieves and the destructive. Ibon was exploring a tomb that turned out to be a secret base for Eggman and after falling through a trap door, she later woke up to find herself in his cruise ship’s storage bay.

Name: Rua
Age: ?
Sex: Male
Species: Robot Unicorn
Member Size: 6.5 inches (cut)
Height: 3,5
Personality: Drone, Emotionless and Silent
Occupation: Robotnik Soldier (A.k.a: Badnik)
Weapon: Blaster Gun
Abilities:  Rua is designed to be one of Dr Robotniks most powerful badniks. As such, Rua is able to use a powerful blaster for long range combat.
Little is known about Rua, or what his potential can amount to. Oddly enough, he tends to display strange abilities unlike any other of Robotnik’s machines.
Biography: A mysterious android developed by Dr. Robotnik himself. He was originally to be shipped and used against Sonic and his friends, however unforeseen circumstances have caused the good doctor's original plans to go sour. Now Rua must learn and choose for himself, who he wants to be and why he exists. He ended up on the Island after his shipping crate was destroyed by the storm.

Name: Rudolf
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Species: Squirrel
Member Size: 4.5 inches (uncut)
Height: 2,7
Personality: Smart, Nerdy and Uppity
Occupation: Otaku
Weapon: Tonfas
Ability: Physically, Rudolf is not very powerful. However, his great intellect will pathe the way for powerful elemental abilities. Despite this, Rudolf as a child trained with Tonfas, wanting to be like one of his favorite comic book hero’s.
Biography: Rudolf is a bright and well read Mobian. He spends his time collecting nicknacks and reading books that range from graphic novels to advanced literature. Dreaming of the adventure, akin to the ones in his stories. He goes upon Robotniks party cruise via invitation, hoping to make more of his small and sheltered life.

Name: Vex
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Species: Fox
Breast Size: D Cup
Height: 3,1
Personality: Sneaky, Fun-loving and Caring
Occupation: Kunoichi Dropout
Weapon: Boomerang
Abilities: Vex has learned many techniques using what is known as the Dark Element. This included the ability to manipulate shadows and enhance her own power temporarily. She’s also well trained with using a boomerang and is very effective with it, making her excel in mid range combat.
Biography: Vex originally studied to become a kunoichi where she learned to use dark elemental techniques and her boomerang. Though due to an incident, she left the academy and became a drop out. After sometime, she came across an invitation to a party that someone dropped. After deciding she needed to relax, she accepted the invite and went to the party. Little did she know however, that greater forces were at work.

Sample Artwork:

A very early artwork we've decided to share with you. You will be able to see the uncensored version once the game is completed.
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