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Kitty Ranting Ramble Update: Anthrocon, a Curse?!

I've come to realize that no matter how hard we plan or how prepared we have it, there's always SOMETHING to screw everything up to the point where we are just there.  Granted we all have a good time and remember the randomness, memories, fursuits, and crazy nights.  But I would like to buy some type of food for myself for once.  Maybe a commission, a furry novelty item or something.

This year as you all know, Blaze and I landed awesome jobs.  I've recently gotten a high level compliment for the entire resort after only working for four months.  (Which would probably gotten the others that work there longer pissed at me I think)  We've gotten the ability to get the days off as planned and I looked at the rental car places.  A decent car would be at least $200-$250.  Easy right?  No.  Turns out, like every train, airplane, boating, and Greyhound companies, they jack the freakin prices by at least twice with in the week that you need it.

"Why the hell can't they have fixed rates all around?" is all I'm saying.  But once again, we have the money to get the rental, registration and if lucky room share.  Yet thanks to another last minute BS that's all we can do...AGAIN.  So unless Tara Strong, or someone that has a kickass status in the furry fandom become GoH for AC 2013, this year will be the last AC going for a year or so.  Granted asking to get a ride to AC would save up a lot of money, but we barely know anyone in the Dells area that is actually driving to AC except for one.

*The fun still starts Thursday*

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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
Thursday. ^^ YES!!! :D
7 years ago
Well, if nothing else, I'll have to say hi to you guys.
7 years ago
Not going this year.   Sorry.   :(
7 years ago
I hope to see you guys there then .I keep missing  hanging out
7 years ago
When it comes to trips like this U really should plan like 2 months in advance for these kinds of cost. RIght now, The AIrfare from Boston-Pittsburgh or Chicago to Pitts probably cost about almost 300 bucks now. I paid for my airfare back in early March cause I knew the cost of airfare would rise up towards the con. The airfare for Jet Blue was just about $160. I REALLY hope things turns out for you and Blaze
7 years ago
Daw, I'm sorry to hear of all the trouble.  If I see you there, I'll buy you a drink or a sammich or something for all your troubles ^_^
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