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No longer Drawing cub art - Not deleting content

Hey, this is something I planned on happening ever since I got started. The reasons I started drawing cub are numerous but I wont go into it. There is a lot introspection and analysis into fetishes involved.
The fact of the matter is that it's to problematic to keep doing so, and it's not something I want to be known for. And I don't want it to cause a problem for my friends or my future self. And to better curate who I'm interacting with on a social level.

I'm aware of the social stigma and responsibility one must claim if they engage in it. And ones willingness to associate with hidden or overt MAPs which do unfortunately exist. No matter how much you say "no maps" they will come by anyways. And that's a problem, I don't want to be anywhere near those people.

It was also very irresponsible for me to start drawing cub because of the burden it put upon my friends. No matter my excuse for coping or whatever. I care about my friends more than any fetish in the world. What a ridiculous concept to favor fetish over long established close friendships.
Me drawing it was not fair to them, the knowledge they had to carry, and the gymnastics it forced them into just so we could stay friends publicly for a little longer before our greater social circle found out. That may sound ridiculous to some of you, but the bonds I form with my best friends are greater than family and I love them very much. I would do anything for them.

That being said, what's on the internet may never leave the internet. To fight against it is a hopeless endeavor. I will be however removing it from e621. But it will stay here as an archive, deleting it would feel like running away from the responsibility of my decision. And that doesn't fit well with me.

Locking comments because I don't want to explore the issue any further and wish to move on.
Otherwise, I'm done, take care.

-edit- Sold the devil goat lad.
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