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*sigh* vent journal warning

man this sucks T T i cant belive all this bad stuff is happening thanks to my mother starting her care about my relationship...again my relationship with my bf is fine nothing is wrong

except now we cant contact each other like we would thanks to i think it was his aunt who forgot to pay their comcast bill so now no tv,no interwebs. and NO PHONE....T T

and to top it off his uncle came over last saturday when i was over to see my bf and be with him and his uncle started his stuff about oh you dont care do ya? ...

...um excuse me? he's been doing his best everytime he was at the appartment basicly doing everything like cooking and paying bills and what not and taking care of his grandma when she was at the appartment which reminds me

his uncle also said that he didnt care enough to go and vist her as well ...while i was hearing that i really wish i was able to transform to my panther fursona and tell his uncle off because my bf didnt need that crap from him since he was already stressed out enough as it was and im  the only one to help my sweetie relax which is sad but hey he does the same for me as well

it seems like the only stress reliver is seeing each other with hopfully none of his uncles crap happening when im over to vist my hun...

anyhoo my bf does care for his grandma i mean come on he took care of her for as long as he could  intill she was put into a nursing home and all  come on does that sound like he doesnt care? i dont think so i think he does care and he truely does but he does have other things to do as well during the day

im sure he vists her now... but sadly he had to get yelled at by his uncle to do that and that makes me mad!!!!

*sigh* i just hope my sweetie is safe and well and still around    since i cant get ahold of him unless he calls me by his freinds phone or chats with me on facebook...

anyhoo yeah sorry if i upseted any of you i just need to get that off my chest...
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
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