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Was Hoping for requests

Firefox Crashed on me,, and I lost my original Journal.
So,, so I have to write a new one. I wanted input from my readers, what they want to see next. I'll be writing a new one about (The Young Adventures Of FievelJ.) soon. Also about how FievelJ thought he saw the scientist mouse get killed, but that it wasn't that mouse. As it turns out,, it was a rat, trying to rip off the mice,, with a false miracle cure for all. FievelJ catches up with his Momma and Poppa,, only to find, he's too big to live with them. Some new experiences are on the way,, as well as something happening with Tiger. The mouse which my character got the growth potion from,, thinks he got a cure,, but instead,, it just causes the body to stay young. Eventually,, that same mouse,, creates devices,, to cause instant growth, or backwards growth,, when ever necessary,, which is in my later stories.. FievelJ loves this device,, and uses it often. Unfortunately when he finally gets to use it,, to rejoin his family,, he finds they've moved on. BTW,, the device changes sizes along with it's user,, so that they can use it at any size they happen to be.
If you should happened to have read that last journal,, you'll find,, I have very few writing (No's).
I'll write about just about anything,, just so long as it doesn't involve death.
If I write about death,, it must be in the horror Genre, and not have much to do with sex. Genres, I'll write just about any,, I like the experience of writing Fantasy stories. As well as SciFi. Agradoor,, does defiantly fit the SciFy genre. Who can come up with ideas?
Anyone... I'll take ideas from anyone,, including Moderators and Administrators. I don't discriminate between anyone,, including those who dislike me writing about cubs having sex. Hey,, just cause I write that stuff,, doesn't mean I don't have the capacity to write about full adults. Adult Furries and Cub Furs just the same. I love writing about all of it,, not just cubs. Have an idea,, submit it to the reply forum... Or PM me on it. Use my hotmail,, if you would like.. fievelmousekewitz1970@hotmail.com
And have a great New Year..



FievelJ and DennyMouse...

Thanks Very Much For Reading...

Fieve... ;-)  :-)  
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